Please keep 10 points in mind to choose the curtains that suit you

Home is our harbor of happiness. After you buy a new house and decorate it, good decoration can highlight the taste of the owner, ranging from the layout of the home to the placement of accessories, and lutron motorised blinds decorations can highlight the taste of the owner. Place, so how should you choose the curtains that suit you?

The light in the space is full of changes

The indoor light can be artificially created. For a room with a relatively large window opening rate, it is advisable to use lutron motorised blinds with different patterns, so that when the light comes in, the light and shadow will change, making the space layer richer.
If such a space does not require privacy or shading, then a single layer of lutron motorised blinds is sufficient. And the cost of the screen window is very cheap, economical and affordable.

This is a very good choice, so we suggest that if you make cloth, the yarn must be selected later. If you are really practical, you can not choose yarn, but from the aesthetic point of view, yarn is very necessary

lutron motorised blinds

Long rooms look shorter

Use bold patterns on the narrow ends. For example, you can use curtains that coordinate with the wall decoration at one end of the room, while installing a decorative curtain at the other end. Define floor partitions with well-defined patterns such as rugs or trim strips laid across the floor. Use the contrast and contrast of materials, such as laying a soft-toned carpet on the floor of wood, ceramics or vinyl products.

Make a narrow room appear wider

The linear pattern carpet is used horizontally on the floor, and the irregular lines on the wall, the pillar bed and the gauze curtains hanging from it can also extend the space, so that the bedroom with a small area will not look oppressive.

Make the space appear elevated

Use color-harmonious “vertical” stripes and patterns to decorate the walls and windows, and use eye-catching curtains in the same color but different colors to contrast with the walls to elongate the proportion of the space.

Highlight the charming interior

Contrast plain objects with bright patterns to set off the background. The pure red sofa pouf renders the atmosphere of the space, making the basic white color no longer dull, showing vigorous vitality and vitality. The window curtains and cushions with alternating colors and high purity endow the interior with a lively and youthful atmosphere.

lutron motorised blinds

Cover up flaws in room layout

Sometimes the spatial pattern is unavoidable, and when hard technical means cannot be solved, you may wish to choose brightly colored fabric furniture, and match it with eye-catching patterns such as back bags, curtains, carpets, etc., to artificially create the atmosphere of the space and make it artificial. Attracted by the warm arrangement, the shortcomings of the room are ignored.

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