Advantages and disadvantages of venetian blinds and analysis of use conditions

In the soft decoration of modern homes, curtains are a very important part, and the curtains that everyone is more familiar with are traditional curtains such as lutron blinds and gauze curtains. Such curtains are generally installed on rails or Roman poles. Open curtains with a single pull

1.Advantages of Venetian blinds

1. No dust

Ordinary lutron blinds and gauze curtains are made of fabric, even if it is made of polyester that is very resistant to dirt, there will be a certain amount of dust adsorption, opening and closing the curtains will make the dust in the room bigger and bigger, and the cleaning of the curtains after a long time It is a big problem, and the curtains that are difficult to disassemble will give us a headache. The venetian blinds are not so “attractive” to dust.


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2. Translucent but not shadowy

It is difficult for ordinary lutron blinds to meet such requirements, but the privacy of window screens is not very good. When you turn on the lights at night, your silhouette is directly projected on the window screens, and the venetian blinds can be separated by controlling the leaves. Indoor and outdoor sightlines can also continue to keep the light in, so the flexible light control ability also creates the effect of light transmission and no shadow transmission.

3. Elegant and beautiful

The first impression of venetian blinds is that it is simple and elegant. The light penetrates through the gaps of the leaves and enters the room rhythmically, creating a high-end and elegant space easily.

2.Disadvantages of Venetian blinds

1.Not clean

Although the venetian blinds will not absorb dust, dust will naturally fall after a long time. However, the gaps between the leaves are small and dense, which is a big problem for cleaning. Fortunately, there is now a special cleaning method for venetian blinds. Curtain props, this problem can be said to be easily solved.

2. There will be light leakage

No matter how dense the venetian blinds are made, there will be certain light leakage gaps. For places with high light requirements like bedrooms, venetian blinds are not a good choice.


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3. No sound insulation

If ordinary curtains reach a certain thickness, they will have a certain effect of sound insulation and heat insulation, while venetian blinds are relatively light and thin, and basically have no sound insulation effect. This is also a small disadvantage that needs to be paid attention to when choosing venetian blinds.

4. Trouble closing windows

It is a troublesome thing to open and close the window when installing the venetian blinds. Ordinary curtains only need to be pulled to operate the window, but the venetian blinds have to be put away before closing the window, which is relatively cumbersome and troublesome. of.

3.Which places are more suitable for installing venetian blinds?

First of all, it is not recommended to install venetian blinds in areas that are mainly used for rest, such as the bedroom. After all, the shading effect is not enough compared to cloth curtains, so unless there are special circumstances, it is generally not recommended to install venetian blinds in the bedroom space.

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 In Addition To Bedrooms, Study Rooms, Guest Restaurants, Cloakrooms, Bathrooms, Etc. Are More Suitable For Installing Venetian Blinds. In Addition, For Some Smaller Windows, The Effect Of Venetian Blinds Is Also Better.

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