Is it worth replacing the louvers?

Is it worth replacing the louvers? Which shutter to choose? Are you thinking it would be time to remove the old worn and rotten wooden louvers? Are you tired every two years of sanding and repainting your louvers, taking away precious time from your family and your hobbies?

Maybe it's time to replace your old louvers! But is it worth installing new louvers? Which shutter to choose?

Over time, louvers have become essential for daily life and comfort within your home. They protect from heat and too cold and can filter the natural light necessary to illuminate the rooms. The technology and materials with which louvers and louvers are built have changed and improved a lot in recent years.


What are the advantages that this operation can bring to your home and your comfort?

The shutter, in addition to having the function of protecting from direct sunlight in the internal environment, has the second function of a heat shield. When you are about to replace the old louvers, you will have to choose between different shapes, types and styles. The new louvers must be able to combine both the practicality of daily use and an aesthetic that matches your home, not forgetting the first function, that is to protect from the sun!

In order to make the best choice, when you need to replace the old louvers, it is advisable to be clear:

what kind of window do you want to cover? why is it necessary to cover the glass? It cannot be excluded that on windows with different sizes and / or different exposure, a type of dedicated shading such as sunshades, roller blinds or blinds inserted inside the window with multifunction technologies can be evaluated.


Nowadays there are different types of louvers built with increasingly performing materials such as: aluminum; steel; wood; PVC.

  • Although today the market offers countless types of louvers, it is difficult to understand which is the most suitable both from a technical and aesthetic point of view, for your home. The shutter has the peculiarity of being built with adjustable slats that overlap, and when necessary, they guarantee almost total darkening.

Pros and cons of materials

  • PVC is an inexpensive and insulating material, many believe that it is excellent for the construction of blackout systems such as fixed louvers as it ensures good thermal insulation and has low costs. In my opinion, PVC is a good material for the construction of windows but for external shading exposed directly to the weather I recommend more tenacious materials with less linear thermal expansion.

The costs of the louvers

As far as costs are concerned, an estimate per square meter is not possible since they are made to measure windows whose cost is in relation to the type of material and accessories that you choose, as well as finishes. For this reason, each shutter will have its cost based on the quality of the product and the guarantees provided by the manufacturer / retailer.


How can you find the suitable louvers?

You can personalize the louvers you want at UNITEC. In fact, if you fill out the form you find on this page, you will have the opportunity to book a consultation with us. And, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible, no later than 24 hours, thanks to targeted questions, and we’ll be able to determine the type of shutter that best suits your needs.

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