How to create and choose living room curtains?

Want to spruce up your living room in a Nordic style, but don’t know how to get started? Nordic style home is modern people yearn for decoration style, but furniture decoration has been selected, but do not know how to choose curtains?

1.Characteristics of living room

1.The requirement of privacy is not high: because the living room is the common friendship space in the home, do not need to pay too much attention to privacy, so if you choose the curtain, it is very suitable to find gauze curtain, soft gauze curtain and other types, which can not only shield the light but also keep a little privacy, so that people outside can not see the indoor situation.

living room curtains

2.Need lighting and shading: although there is no need to pay attention to privacy, but if the living room has east sun or west sun trouble, you may need to find lighting and shading curtains will be better.

living room curtains

2.Nordic style design of the living room curtain

What are Nordic curtains? The so-called Nordic style, is probably to simple, elegant and do not lose the temperament of the famous, so the color will be biased to simple plain face, there will not be too many decorations or flashy bright color. 

So if you want to make the living room into the Nordic wind, in addition to the curtain style needs to be screened, the color is also very important, let’s take a look at how to choose the Nordic wind curtain.

3.Create a Nordic style of living room curtains

Drapes or drapes + gauze drapes

Cloth curtain and gauze curtain have a kind of elegant feeling, but also many people install the living room curtain when the first choice. If the simple curtain, the color is mostly to do plain color, so you can according to the living room style to do color matching; 

And If You Feel That Only The Simple Curtain Is Too Monotonous To Add A Little Beauty, Or Worry That The Curtain Opened Into The Light Amount Is Too Much, It Is Suggested That You Can Add A Layer Of Gauze Curtain Near The Window Side, So That The Daytime Light Can Not Be So Dazzling, But Also Have The Effect Of Lighting And Aesthetics.

living room curtains

Soft gauze curtain

If your living room has a large picture window, we recommend you install vertical flexible curtain, the biggest characteristic of this curtain is that you can adjust the amount of light into the amount.

so that the outdoor light becomes soft, and beautify the visual effect, both privacy and dimming, three-dimensional sense is strong, is one of the recommended styles of Nordic wind curtain.

living room curtains

Organ curtain

The organ curtain belongs to a relatively novel curtain style, which is characterized by free opening and closing like the accordion, being able to stay in the position you want at will, retaining a large amount of lighting and freely adjusting the role of light. 

 What is better than the blinds is that the curtain can be stopped in the middle, while taking into account lighting and privacy, and can effectively resist the problem of east and west sun.

living room curtains

Common mistakes in choosing living room curtains

The living room had floor-to-ceiling Windows, but louvered curtains.

Choose the living room curtain is not only to see the style color like it, but also to pay attention to whether the living room window has other uses. 

So here is also to suggest that we must find a professional curtain installation team, when you choose the curtain to give you the most appropriate advice, will not waste money and increase life difficulties.

The window is too close to the furniture

If the living room space is very small, put on the furniture after almost no way to go, then choose curtains also need to pay attention to the choice of style. 

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The above is how to choose the living room curtain skills, if you need to buy our curtains or browse, we provide quality service, for your rest assured!

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