What are the options for【lighting curtain styles】to create a romantic atmosphere?

There are hundreds of types of curtains. Did you know that different curtains actually have different characteristics? Today we are going to introduce “lighting curtains” that can create a romantic atmosphere. Why do you say it is romantic? 

1.The role of curtains and common types

1. Block light and heat energy

The sun at sunrise or sunset during the day not only affects people’s indoor sight, but also increases the indoor temperature in summer. The main function of curtains is to block disturbing light and heat energy, and at the same time avoid damage to indoor furniture due to long-term sunlight and shorten the lifespan.

lighting curtain

2. Increase privacy

Another important function of curtains is to protect indoor privacy. For example, cloth curtains can completely block the light and sight outside, and blinds can adjust the amount of privacy according to the situation; and silky blinds can make it impossible to see the interior from the outside. , but the indoor people can look at the characteristics of the scenery outside the window.

lighting curtain

3. Block noise

If you live in a big city, the noise of people on the street, the sound of car horns and the ding-dong sound of entering and leaving the supermarket will definitely affect the work and rest of people indoors. At this time, it is very important to choose a curtain with sound-absorbing effect.

lighting curtain

4. Beautify the vision of the place

In the end, it is purely used to beautify the vision. The role of modern curtains is no longer just plain colors. Various patterns, illustrations, totems, etc., curtains have also become an important part of interior design unconsciously.

lighting curtain

2.The common types of curtains are based on the function

1. Styles of curtains that open left and right

The most common type of curtains that open left and right is cloth curtains. In addition, gauze curtains and S curtains are also very common types of curtains that open left and right. We can find that the curtains that open left and right are almost all made of cloth or gauze, and are more suitable for use in spaces with long windows.

2. Styles of curtains that open up and down

Curtains that open up and down are more frequently used in modern window decorations. Common ones such as blinds, dimming curtains, roller blinds, and Roman shades all belong to this category. Curtains that open up and down are very suitable for use in bedrooms, bathrooms, or office spaces. They can not only block light and increase privacy, but also beautify the view.

lighting curtain

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