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The Luxury of light filtering Fabric Blinds

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of window blinds is probably the metal slats that make up the traditional blinds you might have in your home or office. While metal blinds can certainly still be found, there are now many other options available that give you more flexibility and increased comfort in where and how you choose to install them. Light filtering Fabric Blinds are one such option that provide the same functionality as the familiar roller shades but with a beautiful textile design instead of metal slats.

Soft, supple window coverings and Light filtering Fabric Blinds

If you’re thinking of blinds, odds are you’re envisioning stiff vertical slats. But there are other kinds. While they don’t let in quite as much light as traditional blinds and Light filtering Fabric Blinds, fabric window coverings offer a little something extra: a soft, almost romantic look. The best part? They keep people from peering into your home and also stand up beautifully to everyday wear and tear. No more cleaning soot or replacing broken strings!

Premium quality

It’s one thing to look good, but Light filtering Fabric Blinds also perform their function better than typical wood and aluminum blinds. Our high-end quality slats (the parts you see from the outside) are made of solid wood or aluminum and have high-quality bearings that glide smoothly. You can operate them effortlessly, yet they still stay put when you want them to stay put. Plus, we test all our Fabric Blinds samples for years in a lab—so when you get them in your home, they’ll last for years too. They simply won’t crack or chip like cheap wood blinds often do over time. It’s all part of our commitment to long-lasting quality that fits your budget.

Modern and sleek style for Light filtering Fabric Blinds and blackout blinds fabric

We have over 100 blinds fabrics to choose from, in a variety of modern styles. And don’t worry about making any mistakes; we’ll happily refund your money if you aren’t happy with your blinds. FABRIC BLINDS FOR EVERY DECOR, Give your room a new look with beautiful blinds that compliment your home decor.

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Superior protection from the sun's harmful UV rays by Light filtering Fabric Blinds

Not only do these blinds cut down on glare and heat, the Light filtering Fabric Blinds also screen out up to 99% of UV rays. Keep your furnishings looking like new for years to come. Our customers are very satisfied with our superior protection from harmful UV rays which protects their furnishings like never before. The best light filtering blinds fabric in town!

PVC Free solar screen fabric 5%

PVC-Free Solar Screen

Roller blind fabric jacquard coulisse

Translucent Jacquard Roller Blinds Fabric UX-006

Environmentally friendly

window roller blinds

Not only are Light filtering Fabric Blinds a beautiful addition to your home, they are also earth-friendly. A standard window covering will use anywhere from 3 to 12 trees worth of wood to create. To produce that much fabric requires a modest amount of water and energy. Contrast that with traditional blinds made from aluminum or plastic materials and you’ll see how much greener fabric window blinds can be in terms of their impact on our planet. There’s no waste either – when you’re ready for a new look, just have them professionally cleaned!

Quality Light filtering Fabric Blinds

The Look, The Quality, and The Luxury. You can have both when you install fabric window blinds in your home. Most people know that there are a number of functional advantages to installing quality light filtering Fabric Blinds in their homes: they don’t fade like sheer draperies or curtains; they block out 99%+ UV rays that damage furnishings, rugs, and artwork; they provide substantial insulation against cold and hot air conditioning; and their ability to insulate and filter sunlight makes them great year-round in every area of your home. In addition to these well-known benefits, there is also a third dimension…in high-end homes fabric window blinds often serve as an aesthetic statement as well.

How to choose the light filtering fabric blinds?

Choosing a fabric blind for your window can be tricky. It may seem a simple enough decision – I’ll take that one with blue stripes on white – but there are a lot of things to consider. You want blinds fabrics that suit both your interior décor and lifestyle: blackout blinds, as well as light filtering shades, Light filtering Fabric Blinds, are available in every color under the sun, so you’re sure to find one that fits in perfectly. Once you have narrowed down your choice by color or pattern, you then need to figure out which features matter most to you: cordless operation, motorized slats or pull cords? To help make it easy for you, here’s an overview of some different types and styles of Light-filtering Fabric Blinds.

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