Introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of snake curtains! Understand the difference between snake curtains and pleated curtains in seconds

There are many types of curtains, but among them, “snake curtains” are the most popular among designers and are often used in floor-to-ceiling windows. But what exactly is a snake curtain? What is the difference between levolor vertical blinds and pleated curtains? Let’s listen to curtain roller blinds to give you a simple introduction to snake curtains!

The difference between snake curtain and pleated curtain

What is the difference between snake curtains and pleated curtains? Strictly speaking, snake curtains are also a kind of levolor vertical blinds, but the cloth curtains that are often confused with snake curtains are called “pleated curtains”. The commonly used pleated curtains are 3 pleats and 1 hook or fine pleats.
How to distinguish between snake curtains and pleated curtains? If you only look at the lower part of the curtain, you can’t see it. 

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The most important thing is to look at the top, the design of the top of the curtain. Snaking blinds are hung with a whole piece of fabric, presenting a meandering curve, while pleated blinds are pinched and pleated and sewed. From the middle, it looks like a waterfall pouring down from the inside to the outside, while the snaking curtain is straight and straight. hanging down. Both want to make the hem of the curtains wavy. The waves of the snake curtain are parallel waves from top to bottom, so they present a simple aesthetic.

Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of snake curtains

Snake curtains are beautiful, but they are not completely without shortcomings. While adhering to the mission of bringing irresistible charm to everyone’s home environment, we also want to share the advantages of snake curtains with you through years of rich experience Compared with the disadvantages, I hope everyone can choose the curtains that they really like and need.

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Advantages of snake curtains

No drawstring, no need to worry about safety concerns such as children being playful and entangled with the drawstring
A single piece can support the field, and there is no need to use two double-opening cloth curtains, especially the floor-to-ceiling windows that enter and exit on both sides are more suitable
With different degrees of curvature, there are a variety of options, so that different spaces can present a unique aesthetic feeling
There are many options for shading, from 10% to 100% shading cloth materials are available
It folds quite neatly and has texture
There are many curtain materials and colors to choose from, but even plain and single-color curtains are very elegant

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