The Eighteen Skills of Curtains The functions you must understand when choosing curtains!

Speaking of the function of curtains, most people often think that they are used to block light and protect privacy. In fact, levolor room darkening in modern homes have many other functions besides the basic functions of shading, privacy and beautifying space. The home environment is more comfortable and even more convenient.

Part.1 Shangri-la curtain

Shangri-La blinds are designed and invented by COMFERTEX, a famous American curtain manufacturer. It combines the characteristics of roller blinds, window screens, and venetian blinds. In particular, the soft yarn material has unique softness and beauty, and it has a fairy air, which can be called “Liu Yifei in the curtain world”.

levolor room darkening

The curtain body of the Shangri-La levolor room darkening is composed of S-shaped blades in the middle and transparent gauze fabrics parallel on both sides.

During the lifting process, the pair of parallel side yarns drives multiple blades to freely adjust the light.

When the levolor room darkening are fully opened, the two layers of tulle are parallel to each other, and the blades are perpendicular to the side yarns. When the curtain is closed, the two layers of tulle are close to each other, and the blades are parallel to the side yarns. By adjusting the angle between the blades and the side yarns, the light can be adjusted The size and strength of the room, shading the sun but not the view, not only maintains the soft light and shadow in the room, but also creates a hazy view outside the window.

The unique composite multi-layer structure of the Shangri-La curtain diffuses and radiates visible light indoors, reduces solar radiation entering the room, and effectively blocks ultraviolet rays. When the curtain is closed, it can isolate 98% of ultraviolet rays, and when it is open, it can also reach 62%. Energy consumption of air conditioning and lighting.

The material of Shangri-la levolor room darkening is 100% polyester fiber cloth, which has undergone special anti-static, dust-proof, anti-fouling and anti-mildew treatment, which can effectively resist dust, moisture, splashes or fingerprints in the air, is not easy to absorb dust, and is resistant to dirt , and not easy to change color.

Part.2 Zebra blinds

Zebra blinds, also known as soft gauze curtains, rainbow curtains, soft silk, dimming roller blinds, and double-layer roller blinds, integrate the warmth of fabric, the simplicity of roller blinds, and the dimming ability of blinds, and feel the light and shadow as the zebra runs. Dim, ideal for romantic home and stylish office curtains.

The zebra blind is made of a small piece of horizontal striped fabric with equal width and gauze at intervals. One section is densely woven for shading, and the other section is hollowed out for light transmission. The purpose of adjusting light.

levolor room darkening

The zebra blind has a simple dimming form and is easy to operate. When the two layers of hollow gauze overlap, the light penetrates softly, reducing direct light to a certain extent, and the scenery outside the window can be seen in the gap. When the two layers of densely woven curtains are staggered, the light is completely covered, which plays a role in blocking the light. When the curtain needs to be fully opened, the curtain can be fully rolled up. Through the different staggered areas between yarns and curtains, the density of light can be easily adjusted, and it also has a good light-transmitting and air-permeable effect.

Part.3 Honeycomb blinds

Honeycomb curtain, also known as organ curtain, is named for its special honeycomb structure. Its unique hexagonal superposition overcomes the weakness of the pleated curtain caused by the increase in height and weight, which makes the curtain body straighten up and down. Keeping it consistent, the colors blend together, giving birth to endless beauty.

The honeycomb curtain is made according to the hexagonal structure of the honeycomb, which can store the air in the hollow layer to the greatest extent, thereby separating the inside of the house from the outside world to a certain extent, sound insulation, heat insulation, moisturizing, and helping to maintain a constant temperature indoors. The folds that hang down when pulled from top to bottom are very three-dimensional and dynamic.

The structure and fiber material of honeycomb small holes ensure that the curtain body can obtain the maximum support force while maintaining the minimum mass. It is not only strong and light, but also absorbs noise, which plays a good role in sound absorption and noise reduction and indoor reverberation effect, creating a quiet and comfortable environment. environment.

Part.4 Vertical soft sheer curtain

Vertical soft gauze curtain, also known as Hanas curtain, is called vertical curtain because its leaves hang vertically on the track. Compared with the common flat-opening gauze curtains, the soft and large wavy curtains have a fashionable style and multi-angle light transmittance options. It is not only a soft and fashionable window screen, but also adjustable to control the scene. It is elegant and generous, with crisp lines. Elegant elegance and privacy all in one.

levolor room darkening

The vertical soft yarn curtain is made of a layer of soft yarn and shading sheet through seamless splicing. It combines the advantages of cloth and yarn, thick and soft. Unique swing-leaf structure, just need to adjust the opening and closing left and right, you can freely adjust the angle of the curtain, rotate 180 degrees at will, split the sunlight vertically and redistribute it, adjust the indoor light at will, adjust the light from different angles, and easily control the shading It can create a transparent sense of space and provide a high degree of privacy protection for the home.

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