Kitchen Window Decoration

The kitchen is complete only with stylish window trim. In addition to being attractive, it must also be functional. The kitchen is the most fulfilling place in the home. Dine comfortably with friends or family and prepare the tastiest recipes or spread on bread for lunch. As a result, grease, moisture and grime are unavoidable, which makes it very important that your kitchen window trim can withstand these conditions. Each product type creates a different atmosphere and has different functions and characteristics. Are you curious which kitchen window decorations are right for you? Read on for the 5 best curtains for kitchens. Which product do you choose?

Which window treatments are suitable for the kitchen?

1. Kitchen aluminum shutters-super stylish and easy to keep clean

kitchen window decoration

Aluminum blinds are perfect as curtains in the kitchen. Aluminum shutters are resistant to grease and dirt and are easy to clean. This allows you to easily wipe down the blinds with a dustpan or damp cloth. Plus, they offer a sleek, modern look and offer a lot of privacy. You can filter the light yourself by tilting the slats of the shutter. This way you can enjoy the light during the day and create more privacy at night.

Aluminum shutters are custom made to perfectly adapt to your style and taste. The shutters can be ordered in more than 250 colors and a variety of slat widths. For example, you can choose a slat width of 25mm for small kitchen windows and 50mm for large kitchen windows. You also have the option of using ladder straps or ladder rope for decoration. 

2.Wooden shutters for the kitchen-a stylish option for your kitchen

  • Wooden shutters have a luxurious look and can add a lot of ambience to your kitchen. They fit many different lifestyles and are today’s trendy window treatments. Just like with aluminum blinds, you can easily tilt the blinds and filter light in an instant. Wooden shutters can be ordered in various designs and colors. Do you choose 25mm, 50mm or 70mm in your kitchen?

Cleaning wooden shutters is easy. You can clean the slats with a dry cloth, dustpan or vacuum. Please note that wooden shutters are not waterproof. Therefore, the wooden shutters should not be too close to the faucet to avoid splashing water.


3. Kitchen shutters-stylish looks and privacy when you want it

  • Shutters bring a timeless and luxurious look to every kitchen. By placing blinds in front of the kitchen window, you can determine the incidence of light yourself, just as you would with blinds. This way you can enjoy the incoming light while cooking without watching from the outside. It is up to you to decide how your shutters will look. Do you choose a slat width of 63mm, 89mm or 114mm? Do you choose the romantic rocker or the hidden controls? You can assemble the blinds exactly as you want, so they match your kitchen and interior perfectly.

Blinds are probably the easiest window decoration to clean when it comes to cleaning. You can easily remove dust or stubborn dirt with a slightly damp cloth.


kitchen window decoration

4. Kitchen blinds-soft light by day, privacy by night

Pleated blinds are a versatile, durable and attractive kitchen curtain. Does your kitchen face the street? Then pleated blinds with top-down functionality are ideal! So light comes through the kitchen windows from above and below, but you do have privacy. Pleated shutters come in two different forms: single fabric or double fabric. Double pleat blinds have a honeycomb structure so the cords and holes in the fabric are not visible. You can combine blinds of different colors and fabrics. Opt for pleated shutters in light shades to keep the kitchen bright and open. 

kitchen window decoration

5. Roman blinds for kitchen-atmosphere, modern and aesthetic!

  • Do you like warm and romantic or pastoral style? Then the kitchen strongly recommends the use of Roman shades. Roman shutters have a classic and elegant look. You can easily pick them up and put them down. This way, you can enjoy plenty of light during the day and draw the curtains down for privacy at night. Be aware that the kitchen is where a lot of grease and grime is created from cooking. Therefore, it is important to clean Roman blinds regularly or have them washed. Roman blinds can be ordered in more than 200 different fabrics. So you have a variety of options, so that Roman shades always complement the colors of your kitchen.

What should I pay attention to when choosing kitchen window decorations?

  • When shopping for drapes for your kitchen, it’s important to look at where the drapes will be placed and how easy they are to clean. Because each window decoration has different attributes, choose which window decoration is the most suitable according to different situations. Look at the possibilities and limitations within your kitchen and decide what you think is important.

Are you looking for window treatments for your kitchen, but do you need personal advice? Our product consultants are happy to help you!

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