Technical characteristics of kitchen blinds shades

Today we are celebrating and that is why we raffle these kitchen blinds shades. We have refreshed ourselves and invested in our image. Always thinking about the customer, we have improved our website to make browsing and buying much simpler and easier.

kitchen blinds shades

To celebrate this great step in our professional career, we have decided to raffle a great photo kitchen blinds shades. Our kitchen blinds shades are characterized by their quality as they are designed in digital printing on fiberglass fabric.

Fiberglass fabric is the king of all screen blinds and just by following us on Facebook and sharing with your friends.

Technical characteristics of kitchen blinds

kitchen blinds shades

Conditions to participate in the draw for kitchen blinds shades

To participate we only ask that you be our followers on Facebook and share with your friends. For that, you have to do it through the link that we have left at the beginning of this post.

It will be the same platform that randomly selects the winners (only 1 but two others will be reserved, in case the first winner does not respond to our message or call). The tool generates a certificate of validity so that our users see that there has been neither cheating nor cardboard.

On the other hand, everyone who wants can participate in the draw. However, UNITEC will only ship the kitchen blinds shades directly. If the winner, still reading the rules and conditions of the raffle, has dedicated to participating, he must pay the shipping costs or renounce the prize.



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