Kids curtains: How to decorate kids rooms?

What should be taken into account when choosing kids curtains? We give you all the tips to dress your children’s room.

kids curtains

How to choose the best kids curtains? All of us who have teenage children know that their room has to represent their personality. It is their favorite place in the world and in which only they are the protagonists.

This is where they reflect their changing personalities and where they will gradually discover themselves. As a teenager’s room, it symbolizes much more than a place to sleep. It is essential to give it the character and personality of our adolescents. One of the ways to do this is through the correct choice of kids curtains. Some curtains with which they feel comfortable.

Remember that your children should have the last word in choosing their curtains. This must be one of the elements that define the style and personality of your rooms. They should feel identified, at all times, both with the style and with the color and model of their curtains.

From UNITEC Textile Decoration, The leading manufacturer of kids curtains fabrics, we give you a series of tips for choosing the kids curtains that best suit your children’s room.

Tips for choosing the perfect kids curtains

The most effective trick when choosing any curtain is to study the decoration of the room as a whole. We have to define the effect we want to create and decide which kids curtain best suits that style.

What should we take into account when choosing our kids curtains?

  • The color of the room. If our room is monochromatic, with the curtains, we can break the uniformity through bright and very striking colors. On the other hand, if we have a very colorful room, we will have to choose curtains that go unnoticed.
  • The luminosity. It is a very important aspect to take into account. L luminosity will guarantee added value depending on the type of room. If our children’s room is small, we will opt for curtains that let in a lot of light. In this way, it will appear that we have a larger room.
  • The aesthetics. The design of our room is crucial when choosing one type of curtain or another. If we want a more serious room, we will have to choose a more straight, regular, and short curtain, while for a more informal and colorful design the combination with more kids and baggy curtains would be perfect; that will also provide a feeling of spaciousness.

Types of kids curtains

Considering all the above aspects, it is time to choose our favorite type of curtain. Discover all the varieties of kids curtains and choose the one that best suits you.

Plain or patterned curtains

By choosing the right curtain, we can achieve the feeling of a spacious and natural room. The curtains are perfect for rooms that cry out for an air of freedom and ease.

kids curtains in light or pastel shades are ideal for rooms that combine both furniture and colorful bedding, but also in bedrooms with light furniture that contrasts with colorful or wallpaper-lined walls.

A colorful curtain comes in handy especially in rooms that have a predominant hue. The choice of kids patterned or embroidered curtains, to match the bedding, will be appropriate if we have plain furniture and wood tones or with the combination with a wall in pastel tones and a dark floor.

The size of the curtains is a matter in which everyone’s taste totally influences. However, we recommend short measures when we find furniture under the window, and longer ones when no piece of furniture interrupts us.

Roman Blinds or roller blinds

kids curtains

The roman blinds are those that, as their name indicates, have folds through which the fabric is folded when raising them. On the other hand, roller blinds are screwed onto a cylinder.

Both roll-down and roller blinds are perfect to be placed in rooms with square windows. There are two types of each: translucent or blackout blinds depending on the level of light you want to enter the room.

In relation to the colors we can give a series of recommendations:

  1. We can use this type of kids curtains in bright colors when the furniture combines color with the wood and the walls have a painting with subtle color.
  2. On the other hand, when the wall of the room is of strong color, the rest of the elements are preferable in pastel tones to achieve decorative harmony.
  3. We can also use light blinds for rooms with white furniture, thus creating a feeling of cleanliness and spaciousness.

Japanese and Venetian panels

These types of kids curtains are the most innovative in terms of decoration we mean. If we opt for Japanese panels, we will want for our children’s room a touch of seriousness and maturity that no other curtain will give us.

On the other hand, if what we are looking for is perfect light graduation, our best choice will be Venetian blinds.

These are our recommendations for you to choose the best kids curtains for your children’s room.

What type of kids curtains have you chosen for your children’s room? Tell us in the comments and by the way you also give us all ideas on how to decorate kid’s rooms.

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