Packaging & Loading Systems

As the roller blinds companies, window blinds companies, you must need the window blinds fabrics to be shipped in good condition when you receive the material.

Packaging is the enclosing of a physical object, typically a product that will be offered for sale. It is the process of preparing items of equipment for transportation and storage and which embraces preservation, identification and packaging of roller blinds fabrics. Packaging is the act of containing, protecting and presenting the contents through the long chain of production, handling and transportation to their destinations in as good a state, as they were, at the time of production Packaging is an important part of the roller blinds companies & window blinds companies branding process as it plays a role in communicating the image and identity of a roller blinds fabrics company.

Due to increasing self-service and changing consumers’ lifestyle the interest in package as a tool of sales promotion and stimulator of impulsive buying behavior is growing increasingly. So packaging has an important role in marketing communications, especially from the point of sales and could be treated as one of the most important factors influencing Consumer’s purchase decision. Consequently, the role of package in marketing communications increases: it must attract consumer’s attention and transmit adequate value of product to consumer in the short period right in the place of sale. Therefore there is a necessity to explore package and its elements in more detail, in order to understand which of these elements are the most important for consumer’s purchase decision.

How we package

Do you want to know how we package the roller blind fabrics, zebra fabrics and screen fabric?
Please see below pictures:

How to protect the fabric

We use the thicker inner tube to protect the fabric. The thickness is 1-1.3mm with high bearing pressure.

Inner packing – 30m per roll.


How to fix the cover of the outer tube

We use the screw spike to fix the cover of the outer tube, The cover won’t be taken off in transit.

The standard outer packaging.

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Container loading

– We use foam board to protect the outer tube.

Below is the inspection for the packages:

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