The quality of sleep has a lot to do with it! ! 4 tips for choosing bedroom curtains

According to statistics, people spend as much as one-third of their lives sleeping, so the bedroom can be said to be the most important part of the family space! Comfortable beds, cozy lighting, and of course bedroom curtains! How to choose the color of bedroom curtains that are comfortable, beautiful and blackout? What bedroom curtain color taboos need to be avoided? Today I want to tell you 4 secrets about intu roller blinds.

How to choose bedroom curtains?

High shading needs:
If you are a person who is sensitive to light, or if your bedroom window is facing the sun, and the sun will shine directly in the morning, you need to install high-shading curtains. Choose curtains that are anti-UV and block heat radiation, which can solve the problem of sunlight.
There are two types of blackout curtains, one is blackout fabric coating, which is to coat ordinary fabric with blackout fabric; the other is to use sandwich blackout fabric, adding matte yarn between the two layers of fabric.

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High sound insulation requirements:
If the bedroom is near the road and you need intu roller blinds with high sound insulation, you can choose curtain materials with good sound absorption, such as flocking, thick cotton and so on.
Anti-allergic requirements: If there are members of the family who are allergic, you can choose artificial fiber materials, or simply choose non-cloth bedroom curtains such as venetian blinds and intu roller blinds, so that dust mites are not easy to adhere to, and naturally you can avoid allergies caused by bedroom curtains.

If you have special needs, you can choose the type of curtains according to the above instructions. After choosing the type of curtains, you will start to decide the color of the bedroom curtains.

How to choose the color of bedroom curtains?

Choose according to the main color of the bedroom:
Bedroom curtains need to be determined according to the main color of the entire bedroom. First find out the main color of the bedroom, choose from the color of the wall, large furniture, etc., and choose adjacent colors to create a harmonious and comfortable bedroom space.
Low saturation color:
The color of the curtains will affect the quality of sleep. Try to choose a color with low chroma, which can ease the tension. Warm colors can create a warm atmosphere, while cool colors are more elegant and calm, you can choose according to your preferences.

The Pattern Is Not Complicated:
The Bedroom Is A Space For Rest. Choosing Too Complicated Curtain Patterns Will Cause A Sense Of Oppression In The Space. Try To Choose Plain Curtains, Or Use Simple Lines And Geometry. Those Who Like Flowers And Plants Can Also Choose Simple Flower Patterns.

What size bedroom curtains should be?

Floor-to-ceiling windows: For large-scale windows such as floor-to-ceiling windows and long-frame windows, you can choose vertical curtains, floor-to-ceiling curtains, and long curtains that open left and right, which can make the bedroom look taller and lengthen the interior space.
Small windows: Smaller windows are suitable for roller blinds and Roman blinds. The size is slightly larger than windows, which is more convenient to use and can make the bedroom more complete.
Windows with window sills: Roller blinds that are cut to the window sill are usually selected, and the width is slightly wider than the window, which can achieve maximum shading without affecting the function of the window sill.

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