Interior window shutters

Roller blinds are sun protection products for indoor windows. It consists of a common sheet of fabric wrapped around a shaft that is operated by a tension mechanism and rolled up or down. A rod is attached to the bottom of the panel, keeping the panel smooth and wrinkle-free with every movement. The height of the interior window shutters can be adjusted up and down to adjust the incidence of light, and the operation is simple.

How to choose the right interior window shutters?

The windows of an apartment or house are unimaginable without trim, shading elements or curtains. Various privacy and sun protection products give us the opportunity to use the room in our own way. They prevent prying eyes and provide privacy, act as anti-glare when working on screens, and block the sun’s rays that can overheat a room.

Interior window shutters

Compared to other products for windows, roller blinds are one of the most practical and suitable sun protection products. Roller blinds are usually used when needed and rolled up in the background the rest of the time. Roller blinds take up little space on the window and are easy to operate.

Although fairly simple in construction, there are many different types of interior window shutters, which have different characteristics and perform different tasks. In principle, there is a suitable roller blind for almost every room, whether in a bedroom, living room, kitchen or bathroom, roller blinds are always a good window solution.


Day and night systems for interior window shutters

  • A special type of blind fabric is used for day and night blinds. With this type of fabric, transparent and opaque stripes alternate horizontally across the width of the fabric. When the roller blind is lowered over the window, two layers of this striped fabric are not far from each other. If the roller blind shaft is then turned by pulling the operating chain, the transparent and opaque strips slide in front of each other, allowing control from outside views to absolute privacy.

Compared to classic blinds, day and night blinds are still part of the interior decoration even when you are not at home. Because they will usually be placed in view rather than pulled up completely.

  • Day and night roller blinds are suitable for every room and for every furnishing style: bedroom, living room, kitchen or bathroom, whether in a modern interior or in a traditional country house style.

Interior window shutters

Roller blinds for interior windows - blackout shutters

  • Roller blinds with blackout fabric. These special blackout fabrics don’t let any light through and can darken the room to the max. The fabric is usually foam coated on the back or laminated with a blackout film. Best choice for bedroom, kids room, guest room, etc. for all rooms where people sleep. By blocking all sunlight, the heat energy also stays outside and the room doesn’t heat up as quickly.

Zebra blinds for interior window shutters

Zebra blind is made of double fabric, fabric is made of equal width fabric and gauze inter spaced into a kind of textile. Pull the curtain, the two sides of the fabric due to the rotation of the two layers of fabric and gauze staggered, thus dimming. Zebra curtains provide more precise dimming control than fabric curtains. What’s more, Zebra blind is more healthy and green. Its fabrics are made of polyester fabrics, which control formaldehyde and other harmful substances from raw materials, so that you can rest assured.

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