The three main protagonists of interior window decoration, who is better in the charm competition

To talk about the three main protagonists of interior window decoration, there are several distinct Roman blinds, low-key and elegant roller blinds and fashionable rainbow blinds. These three applications have their own unique beauty in the interior. And why are they so attractive? Today let us go to appreciate the wonderful feeling it brings.

Roman blinds - Option 1: Interior window decoration solution

This is a home-furnished apartment in New York, with a generous 130 square meters of space, which has been carefully designed to create a comfortable and modern atmosphere for this apartment.

interior window decoration

1. Living room

In the living room, inadvertently drawn Roman blinds let in a breath of nature, and a coveted stone coffee table floats in the center of the interior, paired with raw textured finishes and soft furnishings; bringing coziness and ease.

2. Study room interior window decoration

While everything in the apartment is in a complex equilibrium, it’s the moments of surprise that count. A glass desk is placed diagonally in the center of the room, blending into the overall space in a seemingly incongruous way.

3. Bedroom

Bedroom walls are painted in warm tones and paired with cream-woven rugs, linen Roman blinds, interior window decoration, and earthy ceramics, adding texture to the enveloping home.

Roman blinds can be warm and interesting, elegant and gorgeous, but also fashionable and romantic. In this hustle and bustle, you can also have a place of tranquility and peace.

Roller blinds - Option 2: Interior window decoration solution

In the 55 square meters two-bedroom single apartment, the designer uses high-grade gray as the keynote, with logs and stones, and cleverly adopts some flexible designs to create a practical, tidy, clean, and bright living space.

This apartment all chooses roller blinds made of screen fabrics, echoing the high-grade gray tone. This is the main reason why the whole space can be clean and bright.

interior window decoration

1. Living room

interior window decoration

The TV background wall in the living room is more advanced with area gray. The integrated design of the living room and the dining room and kitchen, while taking into account the needs of two-way lighting, can better take care of the interaction between family members, and strengthen the functional practicability of the kitchen environment.

2. Bedroom

The overall layout of the bedroom is simple and harmonious, with no unnecessary colors, giving the space a unique artistic temperament.

interior window decoration

3. Studio room interior window decoration

interior window decoration

The studio interior window decoration is dominated by log colors, and the neat lines show a dignified and stable temperament. The intellectual and elegant atmosphere of the small bookshelf wall reveals a refreshing taste.

4. Bathroom

In this bathroom, make full use of every corner, and embed the washing machine into the spare corner, simple storage cabinet, so that this small space can also play a big role.

interior window decoration

5. Public area

interior window decoration

Common areas include a kitchen living room, an office and a guest bathroom. Companies have the opportunity to come together to discuss projects, work together, and of course take breaks.

The master bedroom is separated from the common area by a small hallway and has its own dressing room and bathroom. This preserves the privacy of the apartment owner even if guests take advantage of the sectional sofa in the living room and spend the night.

Of course, not only roller blinds, but also any other window decorations, as long as they are used, can give people unexpected effects and experiences.

Zebra blinds - Option 3: Interior window decoration solution

This is the apartment of a newlywed couple. Large windows allow natural light to fill the living space, which is balanced by dark accent furniture.

There used to be a wall between the study and living room, but it was removed to create more open space

Track lighting extends from the living room to the dining room on a continuous rectangular track.

A concrete wall in the dining room sits next to the living room, with a solid oak dining table and wood shelving.

interior window decoration
interior window decoration

While they wanted an open layout, they also wanted the privacy of the master bedroom. A wall separates the two openings leading to the bedroom. The retractable door can stay hidden when they want the view to remain intact, or pull open when they want to close the space.

Roman blinds bring people a gentle and elegant feeling; roller blinds bring people a simple and classic, hazy lens feeling, rainbow blinds bring people a simple and elegant, spacious and bright feeling.

In addition to the space atmosphere brought by the cases shared above, these three main characters of interior window decoration also have their own characteristics: Roman blinds also have the advantages of dustproof and heat insulation. The roller blinds have the characteristics of “five defenses”, special fabrics are widely favored, low-key and practical; rainbow blinds, with a variety of fabrics and rich styles, can be described as excellent in decoration.

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interior window decoration

Undoubtedly, Roller blinds for windows are the most used in modern architecture since they are very functional, practical and decorative. They offer a wide range of colors and combinations that will allow you to choose the ones that best suit your tastes and the predominant style in the environments. And if you dare to give your house on the beach a more personal touch, we suggest some roller blinds for windows printed with a motif that evokes the sea or any other of your choice that fits with the rest of the decoration.

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