All Season Interior Roller Shutters: Always Affordable

When we think of interior roller shutters, we traditionally think of darkening. Interior roller shutters are selling very well, especially in summer. Interior roller shutters have many other advantages as well. What’s more: it’s conveniently available in every season. From dampening the sound of your lawn mower in spring to fending off the cold in winter: interior roller shutters do more than just block out light.

Fall: Stop Thieves

Burglars seem to be more frequent in summer. Contrary to what we might imagine, burglars attack more and more when we are abroad. Since the fall, they seem to have come to life again, greatly increasing the number of burglaries. But what does this have to do with interior roller shutters?

interior roller shutters

Interior roller shutters are a deterrent to thieves. Not only does it make it harder for them to get in through windows, but it also makes it harder to tell if someone is in the house. Burglars don’t like that.

Adding special guards such as suspension spring lift guards can help increase safety in fall and winter. Are you opting for motorized interior roller shutters controlled by tubular motors? Such lift protection is then automatically built in. Extra security? Then install the reinforced runner profile, bottom battens, and battens. Interior roller shutters come standard with reinforced bottom slats in the shape of a quarter circle. Plus, these will additionally seal the cabinet when it’s open. This means that the interior of the roller blind also stays cleaner for longer.

Winter: extra insulation

  • They do not play a key role in highly insulated windows but play a key role in single or double glazing. They add an extra layer of insulation that prevents heat from escaping the home through the windows. This means you will have to burn less. You notice the latter not only in comfort, but also in energy bills.

In fact, the interior roller shutters ensure that there is an extra layer of air between the roller blind and the window, because stagnant air is a very good thermal resistance.


interior roller shutters

Spring: Let the Lawn Mower Roar Outside

  • Interior roller shutters have excellent acoustic properties. Now that spring is here, everyone wants to mow the lawn, or maybe we’re planning our first garden party. Luckily, interior roller shutters break up sound better, so we’re less likely to be disturbed by neighbors or outsiders. What’s more: you can turn up the sound in the room, and with the sound insulation of the roller blind, you don’t have to worry about disturbing the neighbors.

Summer: Choose Dark and Cool

  • Winter insulation also has important advantages in summer. After all, it helps retain heat. Of course, we don’t have to stay in a dark room all day, but when we’re working, we’d better keep the blinds closed. When we got home, it was nice and cool, while others were panting and sweating. In addition, interior roller shutters can be equipped with small holes between the slats. If you open them up a bit, you can still get a lot of light.

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