Looking for curtains that block out light without trapping dust? Experts teach you the secrets of shopping, and you will no longer be dazzled in the face of hundreds of choices!

In the application of integral blinds materials, natural cotton, hemp, and silk are all interwoven with shorter fibers, so they are easier to get stuck in dust. If they are not washed properly, it is easy to cause respiratory allergies, which is also Problems that modern people often encounter. Therefore, in the choice of curtains in the bedroom, how to choose curtains to create a clean and comfortable space, which is easy to clean and maintain, and will not burden the body, can be divided into two categories to introduce.

1. Roller blinds

The biggest feature is to subvert the traditional cloth and gauze curtains. It is simple and easy to operate. When you put down the curtains, you can not only refract light but also see out of the window. Type and horizontal louvers have become the first choice for offices.

integral blinds

2.Double-layer adjustable roller blinds

3. Wooden shutters

It has both an American-style environment and a modern and minimalist style. It has a natural texture and can be matched with the Nordic style that has become popular in Taiwan in recent years. In addition, the price is easy-going, and it has never fallen outside the rankings. It is worth mentioning that the introduction of the Japanese-style hardware system this year has reduced the number of drawstrings, which has increased the market’s acceptance.

4.Organ curtain

Also known as wind nest curtain. In fact, organ curtains have been popular abroad for a long time, but it has only become a trend in China in recent years. Its most charming place, first of all, is “up and down”. Traditional up-and-down integral blinds can only be made from bottom to top, and it creates a telescopic function from top to bottom, making users more flexible. 

The second generation also introduces the double-layer function of the upper yarn and the lower cloth, which fully meets the needs of perfection. The refractive ratio can also reach 100%, which is a good material for energy saving. Practical and does not take up space, it has almost become the standard configuration of medium and high-end residences. Recently, the manual function of the child safety system has been improved, and it has gained a place in the market.

integral blinds

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