Everything you need to know about indoor roller blinds

On the days when you want to laze in your bed, some details bother you? Among them, the too strong rays of the sun, the light of day or possibly the prying eyes of the neighborhood? One of the most effective solutions to these annoyances is to install indoor roller blinds. We lift the veil and reveal to you in this article everything you need to know about indoor roller blinds: their different types, their different characteristics, how they work and their advantages and disadvantages.

What are the different types available?

It is the choice of fabric that determines the type of indoor roller blinds.

1.The day and night type: its particularity is the alternation of strips of transparent and translucent fabrics. This allows you, when the blind is closed, to take advantage of the light and see outside while preserving your privacy from prying eyes.

2.The blackout fabric: ideal in a bedroom without shutters or an office, the blackout fabric allows you to change the degree of blackout at your leisure. You will be able to obtain a total black if you put side guides and a partial black otherwise.

indoor roller blinds

3. The sifting canvas: this kind of canvas is translucent but allows daylight to pass through. It is ideal for filtering the light in summer and having a beautiful luminosity in winter.

4. The woven wooden blind: anti-heat par excellence, this type of blind, like the bamboo blind, adapts to all temperatures while keeping its chic. It can be installed both indoors and outdoors to gain thermal insulation.

5. The veil indoor roller blind: like a veil, it is a real skylight that lets daylight into your interior, to offer you a beautiful light.

6. The screen awning: as its name suggests, this type of awning is made of a specific fabric which acts as a screen and meets three needs at the same time: anti-view, anti-heat, and anti-fire. It is mainly used in rooms that are heavily exposed to the sun.

The different characteristics

You can choose your indoor roller blinds according to the different characteristics or also the technical constraints it presents.


  • (1).Interior and electrical

Some models are offered indoor and electric. In this case, the motor is integrated into the mechanism in the high bar. You have the possibility of motorizing a model that works by hand through a motorization kit. The blind will be wireless and can be rolled up or rolled down using a remote control.

  • (2).Cuttable

During installation, this type of blind can be cut both in height and width after taking measurements to have a custom-made roller blind.

  • (3).Installed without drilling

Small indoor roller blinds can be clipped by placing them on the sash and can therefore be installed without drilling. They are then integral with the window when it is opened.


indoor roller blinds
  • (4).In screwed installation

Medium and large indoor roller blinds should be fixed to the wall or ceiling with screws.

How does it work?

In general, this indoor roller blind model consists of a tube on which the fabric will be rolled. On either side of the extruded aluminum tube is the mechanism that will allow the winding and unwinding of the blind. The mechanism can be manual or electric. Manual, you will simply have to manipulate the chain up or down. Electric, you use a remote control. For the sake of aesthetics, the mechanism is concealed by covers for fixing on both ends. Thanks to the load bar slipped into the fabric, at the bottom of the canvas, you can weight the fabric, stretch it continuously to keep it smooth and wrinkle-free.

indoor roller blinds

What are the advantages indoor roller blind?

  • This device is more effective than large curtains and is very decorative. It adapts to all styles of interior decoration.

From an aesthetic point of view, it is available in a large choice of materials: fabric, PVC canvas, blackout fabric, woven wood and in a wide range of colors.

  • Indoor roller blinds guarantee better management of the interior light, because we can control it according to our desires, either for an opening to half of the window, or a complete opening.

Thanks to well-oiled and robust mechanics, this device has a more precise operation through an automatic roller and a chain.

Indoor roller blinds are also very popular because of its ease of installation (ceiling, wall of the window, opening side of the window, etc.) and use, its affordable price, and its guaranteed longevity.


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