Indoor sun protection

What is indoor sun protection?

Indoor blinds are functional window covering systems, which are mounted on the inside of a window, and which serve to darken or regulate the incoming sunlight and/or to achieve the desired degree of privacy in a certain room.

Types of indoor blinds

Below you will find an overview of the most common indoor sun protection systems:

Roman blinds; roller blinds;horizontal blinds; vertical slats; panel curtains; pleated curtains

indoor blinds.

What is a Roman blind?

A Roman blind or pull-up blind is one of the indoor blinds in which the fabric is piled up towards the top of a window to let in sunlight. In contrast, the fabric is unfolded towards the bottom of the window to obscure or filter the incoming light.

A pull-up system is usually operated with an operating cord or chain, which can be used to determine how far the roman blind opens or closes. There are also motorized pull-up systems.


There is a wide variety of types of indoor blinds of roman indoor blinds. With the traditional Roman blind, the fabric hangs irregularly and loosely with a wavy effect. The more modern roman indoor blinds are reinforced with horizontal ribs. The ribs (in aluminum, fiberglass, or plastic) have a constant distance and give the roman blind a sleek appearance. You will find a wide range of parts for roman blinds via this link.

indoor blinds,

What is a roller blind?

  • A roller blind is a piece of fabric that is rolled up around a tube and that is rolled down to cover a window. Roller blinds can be operated in different ways:

    -via a chain operated mechanism.

    -via a spring mechanism.

    -via a small electric motor.

    In some cases, a decorative cassette is placed around the tube of the blind to cover the tube and the operating mechanism.


  • Duo roller indoor blinds, also called roller blinds or Zebra curtains, are composed of a double fabric with colored and transparent horizontal fabric strips that alternate. The degree of light and privacy can easily be determined by letting the colored and transparent fabric strips move over each other.

What are horizontal blinds?

  • A horizontal or Venetian indoor blind is a type of sun protection that consists of horizontal slats (made of aluminum, plastic, or wood), which are held in place by a so-called ladder cord. The slats can be tilted in several positions by means of a control stick to regulate the desired degree of privacy and light. In addition, the blinds can be raised or lowered completely or partially by means of a cord.

What is a slatted curtain?

Slatted curtains, also known as vertical blinds, consist of a series of vertical strips (blades), which are made of aluminum, plastic, or textile. The slats are suspended in a top rail by means of runners. The desired incidence of light and privacy can be determined by turning the slats using a control chain. In addition, the slats slide in the top rail by means of runners, which means that they can be moved partially or completely to the side to obtain an unobstructed view. The slats can be moved manually with a pull rod or by means of an operating cord.

What is a panel curtain?

  • A panel curtain is an internal sun shading system that consists of several vertical fabric strips or panels, which slide horizontally past each other in 2- to 5-track curtain rails, depending on the width of the window. By overlapping the panels or sliding them next to each other, the privacy and amount of light can be regulated. A panel curtain is usually operated with a pull rod or by means of a control cord. Panel curtains are also known as Japanese panels.

What is a pleated curtain?

A pleated blind is a type of interior sun protection that consists of a pleated fabric that is attached between two horizontal profiles. The incidence of light and privacy can be regulated by pushing one of the two profiles up or down. The fabric is thus folded or unfolded, just like with an accordion.

In contrast to the classic single pleated curtains, duo pleated curtains consist of a double layer of fabric that forms honeycomb-shaped cells. These cells provide heat and sound insulation.

Duo pleated indoor blinds are also called honeycomb pleated blinds.


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