What kind of curtains are good curtains

In window blinds, they can shade the sun and light in summer, and keep warm and cold in winter, bringing the warmth, softness, romance and style of home to people. Curtains are the necessities of life as well as home decorations. The choice of curtains seems simple, but in fact it is a very particular knowledge.

1.Fabrics and Textures

The fabrics of curtains mainly include: cotton, linen, yarn, satin, velvet, jacquard fabric, soft blinds and so on. Cotton fabrics are soft, feel good, and can absorb sound; linen fabrics are fresh, have a good sagging feeling, and have a strong sense of texture; silk fabrics are gorgeous and elegant; velvet and satin fabrics are noble and luxurious. When choosing the fabric and texture of curtains, the space function should be considered. 

The living room and dining room’s in window blinds can choose luxurious, soft and strong fabrics. In order to have a good sleep, the curtain franchise brand Jiameijia drape master suggests that the curtains in the bedroom have a good shading effect recently, and choose shading fabrics. Bamboo curtains and venetian blinds have neat and tidy effects, which are more suitable for study rooms and bathrooms. They are moisture-proof and not easy to get dirty.

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2.Season in window blinds

In winter, curtains should choose fabrics with rough wool, heavy fabrics, and clusters of flowers, while in summer, it is suitable to choose fabrics that are light, light, and light in color. From the point of view of furniture, solid wood furniture should be accompanied by calm and elegant velvet and satin curtains; panel furniture should be accompanied by vivid, romantic, simple and lively linen and jacquard fabric curtains.

3. Color in window blinds

Everyone has different hobbies for different colors. Before choosing curtains, the curtain joining brand Jiameijia drape master suggests: first consider the overall interior decoration style and furniture color, and determine a home color matching scheme. 

You can choose the same color system 1. For colors with different shades of lightness, you can also consider contrasting or complementary colors. This requires a certain ability to grasp the color before it can be applied freely.

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To put it simply, colors are divided into cool and warm colors. Red, orange, and yellow are warm colors, which will make people feel warm, enthusiastic, sunny, and exciting; blue, green, and purple are cool colors, which have elegant, quiet, and cool colors Feeling, reminiscent of ice and snow, the sea, plants, nature and so on. 

Cool and light colors are better in summer, and warm dark colors are better in winter. If the sofa is the plain color of the fabric, you can consider the color of the curtains to match. If the color of the furniture is relatively dark, you can choose light colors to match.

The curtains in the children’s room should naturally be colorful and lively.

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4.Style and color in window blinds

It is indispensable to consider the decoration style. The lovely, light-colored series in window blinds are full of country flavor, which is very suitable for young, naughty, cute young people and country decoration style home decoration. For general modern and minimalist home decoration, it is suitable to choose curtains with simple and elegant styles and without too many wrinkled laces.

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    Manual roller blinds are also called bead roller blinds, which are composed of manual drive, brackets, roll tubes, pull beads, bottom rods and fabrics, which can be freely raised and lowered according to different light requirements. The sunshade function of the system is realized by rolling up (that is, rolling up and stretching) the sunshade fabric. It is suitable for all kinds of office places, such as office buildings and office curtains in unit office buildings. When the sunshade fabric needs to be unfolded, pull the bead on one side and put down the fabric. When the fabric needs to be tucked up, pull the other side pull bead to roll up the fabric.

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