Bedroom curtain 4 forms, each has advantages and disadvantages

Curtains say simple is also simple, complex is complex, some units even can not achieve the basic function, rushed to do often lead to a variety of problems, and even affect the basic function of the in home blinds.

First, the bedroom with a balcony:

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Bedroom with living balcony. In general, in order to be separated from the balcony of life, so that the bedroom can feel more secure when sleeping, the curtain can be done inside, and the curtain can be set up on the balcony.

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First, the bedroom with a balcony:​

The bedroom has a relaxing balcony. As shown in the picture, there is a leisure balcony, and the floor is made, and the desk is arranged as a separate office study area. At this time, in order to enlarge the space and light, the gauze curtain is directly installed in the balcony space.

Small bedroom with balcony generally directly open up the space, so that the in home blinds at the same time to achieve the balcony, you can maximize the space, enhance the bedroom light.

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The southern bedroom with a terrace, you must install sliding doors, at this time in the bedroom curtain Settings, you can not screen curtains

Second, bedroom with flat in home blinds:

The bedroom has ordinary flat Windows, as shown in the picture with central air conditioning, but doing curtain box air conditioning ceiling will make the small bedroom depressed, so abandon the curtain box, using the small window situation, directly with the track can meet the function

Do not do the ceiling, only to the flat window head to do a simple block to meet the needs of the curtain box, while meeting no light leakage

The sliding window is made of Roman cloth in home blinds, which is lighter and lighter in vision, and does not conflict with the furniture next to it, but the only shortcoming is that both sides are easy to leak light, and it is sensitive to light

L-shaped window, but also the internal opening window, but there is space above the window, just to meet the customization of a curtain box, the use of double curtains attached to the wall, as much as possible to do the fold, to meet the later no light leakage

In order to avoid blocking the window lighting, makeup table and ultra-thin storage cabinet are made at the end of the bed. At the same time, the window is against the wall, and the makeup table is left empty in order not to leak light to meet the wall-full layout of the in home blinds.

in home blinds

Third, the bedroom with bay in home blinds:

Bedroom with bay window or inner window, at this time in order to show a large space, the window directly ultra-thin track layout curtain, you can draw the in home blinds do not affect the internal space, but in doing so, the left and right sides will leak light, so you can only use more folds, try not to let the left and right sides leak light, light sensitive people do not recommend this approach.

Fourth, the bedroom with floor-to-ceiling in home blinds:

Bedroom with floor-to-ceiling Windows, solid walls on both sides, the best practice is the curtain box, the use of cross track, gauze curtain fabric curtain double-layer design, to meet the night rest and daytime privacy shading needs.

These are the four forms of curtains we introduce. If you need to know more, please pay attention to our official website!

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