Zebra curtain classification introduction zebra curtain good?

Ikea roller blinds are very common home decoration items in our daily life. Whether in private homes or companies, curtains are widely used. Especially the zebra curtain. Zebra curtains are popular for their aesthetics and effective partition. However, many inexperienced people often do not understand the zebra curtain, in order to facilitate you to choose to buy, this article will introduce the classification of zebra curtain and zebra curtain is good, so that you need to do a reference.

1.Classification of zebra blinds

According to the different shading effect of fabric can be divided into half shading zebra curtain, imitation hemp zebra curtain and full shading zebra curtain. Shading effect from low to high. Semi-shading zebra curtain, one of the most common zebra curtain styles, is made of polyester fabric woven, with good light and breathable effect, can be widely used in office, coffee shop, home and other places. Imitation hemp zebra curtain, using hemp fabric, shading effect is better than semi-shading zebra curtain, can reach about 75%. 

Simple and elegant fabric, for users who like natural style curtains, it is a good choice. It has the natural and beautiful effect of bamboo, wood and hemp reed curtains. At the same time, it can be dimmed at will. It is a new choice of home curtains. Full shading zebra curtain, using full shading fabric, can achieve 100% shading effect. Ikea roller blinds are also different with zebra blinds, if you are interested in ikea roller blinds, please keep watching.

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2.How about a zebra curtain?

Zebra curtain, also known as soft gauze curtain, rainbow curtain, soft silk, dimming curtain, sometimes known as double curtain. A textile consisting of small pieces of fabric and gauze of equal width woven at intervals to regulate light by securing one end and rolling the other with a shaft. When the gauze and gauze overlap, the light is softer, to a certain extent to reduce the direct light. When the curtain and curtain cloth coincide, the light is completely covered, so as to finally achieve the purpose of blocking the light. 

When the curtain needs to be fully opened, it can be fully rolled up. Zebra curtain integrates the warmth of cloth art, the simplicity of rolling curtain, and the dimming function of louver curtain. The zebra curtain is easy to operate, has a variety of shading forms, does not obstruct the view at all, zebra curtain is ideal for office and home window decoration. From the above introduction, we have a general understanding of the zebra curtain classification and whether it is good or not. 

From the above introduction, we have a general understanding of the zebra curtain classification and whether it is good or not. From it we can see that zebra curtain can be divided into semi-shading zebra curtain, imitation hemp zebra curtain and full shading zebra curtain according to the different shading effect of fabric, their shading effect from low to high. 

The reason why they have different shading effects is because of the different fabric, you can choose according to their actual needs. Different shades can be said to have no clear advantages and disadvantages, but each has its own advantages, their consistency is to create partition and decorative effect for us. It can be said that zebra curtain is a very inexpensive home improvement items.

3. The benefits of zebra curtains

Zebra blinds are made of polyester fabric, which is environmentally friendly and durable. It is not easy to deform and change color when exposed to sunlight, and can effectively block ultraviolet rays. It combines the advantages of cloth curtains and gauze curtains, and has the advantages of venetian blinds and Roman blinds. Function, it can be said that it is a curtain product that combines the strengths of hundreds of schools.

Zebra blinds are usually made of double-layer fabrics, which can not only adjust the light, but also do not occupy the overall space. The zebra blinds can even adjust the local light by dislocation;

ikea roller blinds

Zebra blinds combine the advantages of cloth and yarn. In addition, zebra blinds also have the functions of venetian blinds and Roman blinds. It can be said to be a curtain product with the best of all; 

ikea roller blinds

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