Ideas for blinds for the kitchen

Having a well-lit kitchen is very important since it is one of the spaces in the house where we are most used to be. There is a huge difference between a well-lit kitchen and a dark one. Correctly lit kitchens give an aspect of greater cleanliness, spaciousness and it becomes much more comfortable to cook and be in them. That is why the blinds for the kitchen play such an important role, both in lighting or light entry and for decoration. In this post, we are going to tell you several Ideas for blinds for the kitchen:

Ideas for blinds for the kitchen
roman blinds for the kitchen

What to take into account when choosing kitchen blinds and Cleaning the kitchen blinds

The center of family gatherings and where the parties always seem to end, the kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house. And with stylish window treatments, you can make your kitchen even more inviting. But before choosing your kitchen window treatments, you need to consider where your windows are. If you are near the sink, stove, or other food preparation areas where the blinds may come in contact with water, steam, or grease splashes, you may consider synthetic wood blinds, synthetic wood blinds, or vinyl roller blinds because they are very durable. and easy to clean with a damp cloth. Let’s see in this article, a series of ideas to decorate the kitchen with blinds.

Due to their location, kitchen blinds are exposed to more odors, vapors, or smoke caused by cooking. The kitchen is given a lot of use, and that is why you must take into account the materials and the type of blind that you are going to place in the kitchen. We will see it next.

Ideas for blinds for the kitchen: Your blinds should be easy to clean if they are close to the area where you cook. However, if they are further away, you can opt for more decorative and less practical options.

Ideas for blinds for the kitchen: The fabric of the blinds for the kitchen.

The main functions of the blinds are, on the one hand, to provide more privacy, on the other hand, to control the entry of light, and last but not least, to decorate the windows.

As we said before, it will depend on whether you have the windows near the smoke and steam area. If they are not close you can allow yourself to opt for blinds thinking more about the design. But if they are close you should bear in mind that it is best to opt for blinds with resistant fabrics that withstand humidity well.

Ideas for fiberglass screen blinds for the kitchen

For example, a good option would be the Fiberglass Screen blinds. They are the ones that best withstand temperature, are easy to clean with a damp cloth, and are also a great option aesthetically. Being fiberglass screen blinds fabric you can choose between different openings, this means that you can choose fabrics that allow more or less light to pass through, depending on the incidence of the sun or the privacy you want.

Color of the blinds for the kitchen

As for the color, it depends on taste. To choose the color you must take into account the functional part and the design part. It all depends on whether your windows are near or far from where you cook. We propose a series of ideas so that you can choose the best option.

White blinds for the kitchen:

Ideas for blinds for the kitchen: White blinds, or very light colors, are very good in almost all types of kitchens, especially modern and contemporary kitchens.

The main advantage is that they bring great light to the kitchen.

The disadvantage of the white color in the blinds is that they get dirtier.

If your blinds are white and are close to where you cook, they can be stained with oil, sauces, vapors, etc. However, many fabrics are easy to clean, even without removing the blind.

Dark blinds for the kitchen:

Black or dark colors can give a touch of contrast that goes very well with the design of some kitchens, and they are also less dirty. It does not mean that they do not get dirty, logically you should clean them as well. But unlike other colors, they will not be able to yellow with fumes or vapors.

The downside is that black or dark blinds detract from the light in the kitchen.

Neutral colors for kitchen blinds:

Choosing gray or pastel tones is one of the best options if you do not want to give up the design, but you do not want your blinds that are close to where you cook to be damaged a lot.

Types of blinds for the kitchen

The blinds are one of the most modern options currently used for the kitchen, due to their simplicity and design. The most modern kitchens use them in front of the traditional curtains for their minimalist and attractive design.

Ideas for Roller blinds for the kitchen

If you are looking for simplicity and visual cleanliness, roller blinds are the best option for kitchen windows.

In addition to the wide variety of colors and you can choose chain (manual) or motorized depending on your budget and the dimensions of the blind.

Folding rod blind

The folding blinds. They are not rolled up but are collected in sections. These sections in which the blind is folded are marked by rods that cross the blind from side to side horizontally. They are easier to wash since the fabric usually goes with Velcro attached to the upper support.

Ideas for Roman blinds for the kitchen

The roman blinds are also foldable, but they do not have rods but are gathered with vertical threads attached to the fabric by rings. The fabric is grouped from the bottom up, in a more natural way, giving a more rustic touch. It is also attached with velcro to the support, so removing it for washing is easier.

Venetian blinds or horizontal slat blinds

Venetian blinds are a widely used option as well. However, it is being seen less and less and they are losing popularity, especially the aluminum Venetians. They allow the slats to be folded, or to orient them to let in the light.

Here we leave you some perfect blinds for the kitchen

As you can see, they may look like the same blinds but in this case, the percentage (1%, 3%, 5%…) refers to the transparency of the fabric, as seen in the image.

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