How to Install no drill roller blinds?

If you don’t want to install a roller blind because of holes in your walls, you don’t have to, with the mini custom roller blinds you have the solution, install no drill roller blinds.

What is no drill roller blinds?

A mini blind without drilling is a roller blind that is installed without the need to pierce the walls or the window. They are installed with no drill roller blinds brackets, the perfect way to install without holes.

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How to know if your window is compatible with the no drill roller blinds?

no drill roller blinds

(1), The window must have a free space in the upper part of 1.5 cm to “hang the support”


(2), The window sash must be a minimum of 2 mm thick and a maximum of 2.5 cm.


(3), If the window is tilted and turned, it will have a no drill roller blinds mechanism in the upper part, they should check that they have enough space for two coins (it is the thickness of the support) between the mechanism and the window sash.


(4), The window must open towards the interior of the room and cannot be completely attached to the ceiling or sidewalls.

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Once you choose the fabric you want and that best no drill roller blinds brackets your need, you will only have to enter the measurements and when you receive it at home, insert it in the window.

This type of product is the solution for installations that offer difficulties and inconveniences, such as too pronounced blind drawers, cornices, shelves … etc. The particularity of the no drill roller blinds is in the simple and totally watertight assembly with firm and permanent quality anchors. No holes and no tools.

Optionally, the roller blinds can also be fastened directly to the wall or ceiling, simply not using the additional set of fastening brackets.

How to get this type of installation?

Very easy. When selecting the measurements and the color of the blind or blind, in the “type of installation” section we will choose between two options: with adhesive supports or with non-perforated supports.

The option with no drill blinds brackets is perfect for tilt-and-turn windows, also without the need to drill holes. They are the easy fix brackets. With them, we will install the blind in the frame of the window without it moving when opening and closing it. They can also be guided by a cable. Again, these are supports compatible with roller blinds and Venetian blinds.

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