Follow these tips to hang curtains in your living room like a pro

Learn how to hang curtains with this simple guide and tips to hang curtains: it’s easier than you think and it can make a difference in a room.

Do you want to learn how to hang curtains permanently? There are many things that you must keep in mind. This is the step by step so that you can definitely see your living room balcony or bedroom window dressed.

There are many mistakes you can avoid, such as placing the curtain rod too low. Hanging the bar too low will make the ceiling appear lower. If, on the other hand, you hang it higher, you will achieve the opposite effect.

Hanging the curtains is something that is usually left for last. It is not an ideal plan for the weekend. But it is a little effort that is worth it to see your house ready.

Hanging Curtains
how to hang curtains

What is the proper length?

First, when deciding the length of your curtain, consider the overall look you want to give the room. For a more traditional look, place the edge of the curtain lightly on the ground and add 3 to 4 inches to its length. For a contemporary look, make the panel fall flush with the floor.

Where should I place the supports for the rods?

Wondering where to place the supports for the curtain rods? The curtain rod clips should be placed about 6 inches to the sides of the window. This will allow room for the curtain to sit on the wall. Remember: your curtains should always frame the window.

tips to hang curtains
tips to hang curtains

How to Hang Curtains? How do I get a romantic effect?

For a romantic look, you can consider curtains that are stacked 3 to 4 inches on the floor. You must assess whether this option suits you since they get dirtier. What you have to avoid is that they hang only a couple of centimeters above the ground, not only because it seems that you have made the wrong measurements but because it can make the ceilings appear lower.

Should I iron them before hanging them?

When installing the rods and curtains, make sure they are ironed, free of any wrinkles. Thread the curtain on the rod (depending on the style of your curtain, place the curtains through the rings or grommets).

Do I have to measure the curtains before hanging them?

Measure, measure, measure! That is the advice that specialists give. They say the first step to all household chores is to gather all the tools you need and then measure, measure, measure. Measure your windows to make sure you buy the correct size curtains and rods. To determine the length of the rod, measure the width of your window and add two to eighty inches. Measure from where you plan to hang the rod (usually about 6 inches above the window) to the ground to estimate the length of the curtains. Add more length if you want the curtains to have a romantic effect.

How to Hang Curtains? How far from the window do I hang them?

Hang them, ideally, 15 centimeters above the window, or midway between the top of the window and the ceiling, depending on the proportions of the room. In general, the proper height for hanging curtains largely depends on the overall look you want to achieve, but in most cases, the fabric should always drop or “kiss” the floor.

How to Hang Curtains? Where do I place the supports?

To install the brackets, mark with a pencil and then drill. Each bracket should be placed at the height you previously determined and about 6 inches from the edge of the window frame. Check that your pencil marks are level. Then screw in the brackets with a drill (if you have drywall or a particularly heavy curtain or rod, make sure you have the correct wall anchors and anchors).

Is there a trick to make them open smoothly?

Spray the wand with a lubricant like silicone spray to help the curtains open and close smoothly.

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