How to clean mosquito nets?

If you have mosquito nets installed in your house and you don’t know how to clean them without damaging them, in this post we tell you how to clean mosquito nets so that you can remove dust and dirt, to leave them shiny like the first day.

Mosquito nets are a perfect product to keep flies and mosquitoes at bay, as they allow us to have open windows and thus have a cool stay in times of warmer weather, but this product needs maintenance.

How to clean mosquito nets? What do you need?

  • A sponge
  • Fine and soft bristle brush
  • Neutral soap
  • Water

With these four elements you can clean your mosquito nets, but … how? First, we will prepare a bucket with water, if it can be warm better, and neutral soap. With the fine and soft bristle brush, in order not to damage the mesh, we will clean the entire surface, removing dust, pollen, or other dirt. For the frame, we will use a sponge, as the brush could scratch this material.

Once we have all the mosquito nets reviewed with soap and water, and finally only with water to remove any remaining soap that may remain, it is important to dry the mosquito net, so that there are no traces of water and the dust or pollen sticks again.

Our clients tell us that for the interior part, the cleaning is done as we have told you, and for the exterior part, with the window closed, with a hose, they wet the entire mosquito net and then proceed to dry it.

As you can see, cleaning mosquito nets is something simple and fast.

Have you been surprised that it’s something so easy?

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