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How to choose the ideal blind?

The ultimate guide to choose the ideal blind for your home, Which is the best window treatment for blinds? What kind of blinds are best for sliding doors?

choose the ideal blind

Practical and versatile options, blinds can appear in different environments, such as bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and balconies. Therefore, to choose the ideal blind, consider the purpose, environment, and installation possibilities.

Since the blind models serve different purposes, it is important to keep in mind what you want for the room is decorating, filtering sunlight, darkening the room, or having more privacy.

How to choose the ideal blind for bedrooms and kitchens? In blinds for bedrooms, blackout options are the most suitable, while for rooms and offices, those that offer light control are recommended. As for the blinds for kitchens, laundries, toilets, and bathrooms, it is recommended to opt for models that are easy to clean.

As for the installation, choose the location and analyze whether it will be done inside or outside the gap in the wall. for blinds installed outside the opening, it is recommended to add 10 to 20 cm to each side, above and below the opening.

Main types of blinds and their differences, How to choose the ideal blind?

choose the ideal blind

To choose the most suitable blinds for each environment and intended purpose, it is essential to pay attention to the various models of blinds available.

The benefits of the vertical blind, how to choose the ideal vertical blind?

The vertical blind offers a wide variety of colors and patterns, with options in polyester and PVC, and is used in offices, offices and commercial environments, but also in spaces around the home.

The model consists of a rail, the blades fall in a vertical direction and the opening is made by turning or retracting the blades. Typically, the vertical blind is used in places with large windows.

Horizontal blind and light control

The horizontal blind is a more classic model, with horizontal slats and brightness control when turning the slats or retracting. Made of materials such as aluminum and PVC, it is often used in offices and children’s rooms. When made from materials such as wood, it is used in bedrooms and living rooms.

Roller blinds and its versatility, how to choose the ideal roller blind?

How to choose the ideal roller blind? The roller blind, also known as a roller, works as a kind of panel and, when retracted, it is rolled up. This model offers a clean and practical look and the most used materials are polyester fabric and vinyl, suitable for bedrooms, as it softens the lighting with the blackout effect.

This blind can also be made with a solar screen, which controls the heat, filters out UV rays and prevents direct sunlight. Finally, there’s the rainbow or night and day model, more refined and decorative, with alternating opaque and transparent “blades” that allow you to control the luminosity.

The classic roman blinds

choose the ideal blind

The Roman blinds give a classic and delicate look, so it is suitable for bedrooms and living rooms. As it is suspended, it folds into several layers. However, this model can be included in different environments and decoration styles, as it is available in materials such as fine fabrics (natural, synthetic, and mixed fibers), but also in wood, blackout plastic, and sunscreen. Try, for example, using a bamboo Roman curtain in washrooms and bathrooms for a touch of sophistication.

The advantages of the blackout blind, How to choose the ideal blind?

The blackout blind can appear in several models and has a material that prevents light from passing through and offers comfort, especially for bedrooms and TV rooms. Most blinds of this type are produced with rubberized material behind the slats, providing an almost total blocking of light.

Panel blinds and its adaptation in all environments

The panel blinds is an excellent solution for larger spaces and passageways, as its blades are wider. It is a vertical model, with several opening and collapsing options. It can be used in different types of decoration and is available in natural, synthetic, transparent fabrics and sunscreens.

The privacy of the top down blind - choose the ideal blind

The top-down blind can be opened from the bottom up or from the top down, as the name suggests, offering greater control of privacy and light entry. How to choose the ideal blind? This blind is made of fabrics with special treatment and is widely used in environments such as washrooms and bathrooms.

Take advantage of this information and choose the ideal blind for your home. Check out UNITEC’s offers!

Hot Products

choose the ideal blind

Printed blackout PVC roller blind fabric T-PVC-P03

In the past few years, PVC roller blinds have become very popular in homes, offices, or public areas. In the current market, printed PVC roller blinds are becoming more and more popular. As a professional company integrating R&D, design, production, and sales, UNITEC also regards Printed blackout PVC roller blind fabric T-PVC-P03 as one of our main roller blinds fabrics. Regarding PVC Roller Blinds, the most common on the market is the plain-weave Blackout PVC Roller Blinds without patterns. So it will appear to be relatively rigid, and sometimes it will make space a little depressed, lacking vitality, energy, and change. The fabric T-PVC-P03 is a Printed blackout PVC roller blind fabric T-PVC-P03, It’s the thinner vinyl blackout fabric for roller blinds, vertical blinds, and panel blinds. We also name it 4 passes PVC roller blind fabric because the composition is 1 ply glass fiber and 3 ply of PVC. Our PVC roller blinds are perfect for bathrooms, showers, kitchens, washrooms, public …

choose the ideal blind

PVC roller blinds blackout fabric NT-5705 Linen color

Description: PVC roller blinds Blackout NT-5705 Linen color is a classic PVC vinyl blackout roller blinds fabric, Its composition is 1 ply fiberglass and 3 ply PVC. It’s great for home and commercial use. For home use, such as bathrooms, kitchens, toilets, washrooms, utilities, or any room susceptible to moisture or dirt. For commercial use, such as restaurants, factories, offices, kitchens, schools, or any work environment that is susceptible to moisture or dirt. And we can also use a high-resolution image printed onto the fabric to expand its scope of use. Vinyl roller blinds blackout fabric NT-5705 Linen color is a hard-wearing, waterproof and wipe-clean solution to covering your windows. Being blackout at the same time, these blinds are great in kitchens and bathrooms. You can use this fabric to produce roller blinds, vertical blinds, and panel blinds because the width of the Vinyl roller blinds blackout fabric NT-5705 Linen color is 3m. With a delicate texture and soft luster, …

choose the ideal blind

PVC Free solar screen fabric 5%

PVC Free Solar Screen Description: The screen fabric URS1900 series are the PVC Free solar screen fabric. The composition is 100% Polyester, and PVC-free, which implies a minimum emission of VOC (volatile organic components). It is an environmentally friendly fabric because it does not contain PVC, formaldehyde, halogens. Moreover, the fabrics URS1900 series are odor-free and have no plasticizers. PVC Free 100% Polyester 5 Years Warranty Buy Now Talk to An Expert Features And Benefits Of PVC Free Solar Screen Fabric 5% The principle of PVC Free solar screen fabric is that the white outer surface reflects as much sunlight as possible, and its internal gray appearance significantly reduces the transmittance to ensure the best glare control. During the weaving process, 88% of the white thread is visible on the side exposed to the outside. Conversely, the gray threads are 88% visible on the inside. Solar radiation is reflected, transmitted, or absorbed by the screen fabric. Eco-Friendly High-Quality 100% Polyester …

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