How to choose the correct roller shades?

Roller shades are easy to adapt to different spaces due to their versatility and bold design. However, it is important to know well how to choose roller shades to enjoy their functionalities and characteristics. Therefore, in this blog, we will see some tips for choosing window shades for space.

Roller blinds for windows are very versatile and elegant, and their practical rolling system makes them the ideal complement to decorate your house.

How to choose the correct roller shades?

First, try to quote the roller shades with experts in the field. This guarantees professional advice during the purchase process and subsequent installation, as well as providing security and confidence in the choice.

Consider decorative colors and trends - How to choose roller shades?

On the other hand, when defining the decorative style, try to ensure that the colors of the roller shades you choose combined with the spaces where they will be installed, taking into account criteria such as:

(1), Contrasting colors have an attractive visual effect, especially if you match your walls with the roller shades colors you want to choose. You can choose roller shades with more intense colors, especially if the rest of the decoration has a light and soft tones.

(2), How to choose roller shades if bright and intense colors prevail in the elements that decorate your home or office? You can choose roller blinds in softer colors. All this, in order not to produce a visual saturation effect.

(3), Neutral colors such as white, cream and gray will help you maintain a balanced space, as long as more intense colors stand out on the walls and furniture.

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Measure windows and frames, how to choose roller shades?

At the same time, it is very important to consider the measurements of the windows and frames where the roller shades will be installed. This tip may sound like a truism, however, it is necessary to take into account:

(1), Measure the width of the window at the top, middle, and bottom. Consider the widest part and add the centimeters you want, so that the roller shadescover the window frames.

(2), Also measure the height of the window at three different points and do the same procedure you followed when you measured the width.

(3), How to choose roller shades if there is a fixed heater under the window? It is necessary that the roller shades do not reach the floor, as this would cover this appliance, exposing itself to accidents.

(4), You should consider that the length of your roller shades will depend more than anything on a personal taste and decision and the space available to install them.

Privacy, savings and style

how to choose roller shades

You should consider that a roller shades of this type can be a complement or an element that works by itself. Keep in mind that they also fulfill functions that improve the well-being in your home, provide greater privacy, protection from sunlight and more.

Roller shades are very useful for regulating light, so if you need more darkness in certain spaces, such as a bedroom, you can choose a combination of roller shades with blackout fabric. Now, if what you are looking for is privacy but still want natural light to enter, choose roller shades with translucent fabric.

Finally, everything is a matter of preferences and tastes. This type of roller shades are ideal for a radical change in your rooms and a better quality of life and well-being.

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