How to choose roller blinds?

Choose the right roller blinds when thinking about decoration.

How to choose roller blinds
How to choose roller blinds

How to choose roller blinds? When it comes to choosing roller blinds, the options can be many. Finding the right one requires having a clear idea of ​​the different existing possibilities in terms of functions, models, designs, materials, and measures.

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How to choose roller blinds? Here is a review of the aspects to take into account when choosing your roller blinds.

The first thing is to solve what function we want it to fulfill; what reasons lead us to think about it. For example, filter (cover or reduce) the passage of light, protect privacy, reinforce a decorative style, accompany another element of the decoration, enhance a view to the outside, hide a construction defect, visually enlarge or reduce a room or a window, among others.

Determine what type of roller blinds you need.

Once we have this clear, we will have to define aesthetic aspects starting with the type of roller blind. The type of roller blind is mainly determined by the system used to hang it and the appropriate design for that system.

The best known and most practical option are undoubtedly the bars; There are also the rail curtains, with tensioners, Roman, roller blinds or roller curtains, the curtains, those with oriental panels, the multistore, even pleat, pleated blinds, Venetian blinds, and chain.

How to choose roller blinds fabric?

The ideal is to choose the roller blinds fabric in a store where you can find all the blinds fabrics that are needed for the different fashion items: parties, knitted fabrics, upholstery, exclusive genres, collegiate and white fabrics, and not in one dedicated exclusively to curtains, as almost any fabric can be made into a good curtain. Then it is necessary to consider which fabric is suitable for the light required by each space.

For rooms with few hours of direct sunlight, light and translucent curtain is appropriate, which allows the passage of light but offers privacy. On the other hand, in rooms with a lot of light, thicker curtains are required, which avoid excessive heat in summer and the wear caused by sunlight on furniture and objects.

To completely restrict the passage of light, the best thing is velvet, corduroy, or brocade. The most modern in this sense is the blackout. An interesting combination is to use a light curtain behind another with more body, to arrange alternately.

How to choose the color and design?

Choosing the color and design of the roller blinds is decisive in the decoration and the effect you want to achieve. Dark roller blinds visually reduce the room, while light roller blinds enlarge it. Large prints should be used carefully. You also have to take into account what the furniture is upholstered with and the color of the walls, floors, and carpets.

Most importantly, always remember that something as simple as a roller blind can change the look of your home.

Roller blinds are modern and practical because they are adaptable to any type of environment and window. There is a wide variety of fabrics and the action mechanism used can be a chain with metallic beads, a plastic system, a motorized roller system that is activated by means of a key, or with remote control.

How to choose roller blinds?

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