How to choose curtain fabrics

How to choose curtain fabrics

How to choose curtain fabrics?

Types and characteristics of curtain fabrics -How to choose curtain fabrics?

The choice of fabric for curtains actually depends on your own purpose and the space used. Generally, the curtains in the living room choose brighter colors, and the focus of the bedroom is on the shading effect. So how to choose curtain fabrics?

Introduction to fabrics:

Flannel: soft hand, strong drape, the chemical reaction between dyes and fibers, strong color fastness, but strong dust absorption, heavy and difficult to clean.

Cotton and linen: good moisture absorption and breathability, soft luster, simple and natural, but lack of elasticity, easy to wrinkle after washing, easy to shrink and lose shape, and easy to fade

Venetian blinds: good shading effect, easy to clean, suitable for installation in the kitchen or office area, but can not block mosquitoes, although there are more colors on the market, The beauty of this product is not as good as traditional fabric curtains.

Wooden woven curtains: Wooden woven curtains are divided into wood weaving, bamboo weaving, reed weaving, and rattan weaving. They have strong decorative properties, good air permeability, and can show style and taste. They are natural and simple, but opaque, and high in price. The curtain is prone to mildew, and the red curtain is prone to insects

Blackout Fabric: The blackout fabric does not allow light to enter the room, thus providing complete privacy. With superior heat and reflection properties, it assists in maintaining an energy-efficient environment comfortable living environment.

Chenille: Chenille, also known as Chenille, is a new type of fancy yarn. Two strands of yarn are used as the core yarn, and feather yarn is spun in the middle. Generally, there are many materials and types, such as viscose chenille, acrylic chenille, cotton chenille, polyester chenille, and so on. It is characterized by thick, soft hands, plump suede, good drape, and it gives a high-end and gorgeous feeling and has warmth. , The characteristics of good decoration, but also pay attention not to overdo it when cleaning, so as to avoid deformation and difficult to smooth.

Flocking Curtains: The main components are polyester and cotton, with a strong three-dimensional effect, bright color, soft hand feeling, heat preservation, moisture-proof, and friction resistance. However, due to the high content of polyester, it has poor moisture absorption and is easy to be charged with static electricity, and is easy to stick to dust.

Polyester: waterproof and oil-proof, non-toxic and cool, light and acid and alkali resistant, but poor moisture absorption, air permeability, and dye-ability. It has wide application and use. such as roller blinds fabric, vertical blinds fabric, zebra blinds fabric, and curtain fabric.

Sheer Curtains: How to choose sheer curtain fabrics? elegant and light, beautiful and cool, good moisture absorption. But not shading, shrinking and easy to wrinkle, easy to fade.

This is the characteristic of some common fabrics in the market. so you know how to choose curtain fabrics now. You can choose suitable fabrics according to your own needs.

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