The correct choice of office curtains, the full answer to office curtains

What types of office curtains are there? What curtains are good for the office? What style of office curtains? What kind of curtains are good for the office? House blinds have various types.

1.House blinds options

According to the driving mode, roller blinds can be divided into manual roller blinds and electric roller blinds. Manual roller blinds are the most common and common form of office curtains, and are mostly used for shading outside windows in ordinary office areas in offices

Electric roller blinds can be used for shading large-area glass curtain wall windows and can also be used for executive offices, VIP reception rooms, and high-level meeting rooms Office sunshade in some important areas.

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2.Choices of house blinds

Manual roller blinds are also called bead roller blinds, which are composed of manual drive, brackets, roll tubes, pull beads, bottom rods and fabrics, which can be freely raised and lowered according to different light requirements. The sunshade function of the system is realized by rolling up (that is, rolling up and stretching) the sunshade fabric.

 It is suitable for all kinds of office places, such as office buildings and office curtains in unit office buildings. When the sunshade fabric needs to be unfolded, pull the bead on one side and put down the fabric. When the fabric needs to be tucked up, pull the other side pull bead to roll up the fabric.

3. Fabric selection for office manual roller blinds

According to different needs, you can choose imported or high-quality domestic products and other brands; you can rely on ventilation holes to adjust the thermal effect of sunlight, and can absorb and reflect the heat of sunlight, thus avoiding the temperature effect. 

There are nearly a hundred kinds of fabrics in rich colors, and you can choose the ideal fabric according to your personal preferences. According to the latitude of Beijing and Tianjin and the angle of sunlight, different opening ratios can be selected for the different orientations of the windows of the building. 

Generally, there are 3% for the south facade, 5% for the east and west facades, and 10% for the north facade. %; Of course, other opening ratios are also related to whether the building is covered by shadows. The thickness of the fabric is 0.35~0.65mm, the opening rate is between 0%~20%, and the colors are white, off-white, gray, beige, etc.

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4.Office manual roller blind pull bead selection

According to different needs, the control pull beads can be selected from plastic pull beads and steel pull beads. Plastic pull beads are fixed PVC plastic beads at equal intervals on the nylon rope. The steel pull ball is made by connecting stainless steel balls with stainless steel connecting rods.

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5. Simple and attractive house blinds style

Unless there is a need to change the curtains frequently and change the style of the room, in terms of long-term planning, it is recommended to choose a style with simpler colors and patterns that is durable.

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