What is the best material to use for curtains

Curtain belongs to the family of soft clothing, not only play a decorative role, the main role or block light, many novice owners for the curtain material is not very understand, next we will understand, house blinds with what material fabric best?

1.Various materials of house blinds

1. Linen curtain: cotton and linen curtain is used by many families. It is environmentally friendly, breathable, soft in color and looks very comfortable.

2. Polyester curtain: The curtain made of this material has many advantages, such as rich colors and patterns, beautiful appearance, diverse shapes, affordable price, convenient maintenance, not easy to deformation, fold, fade and so on.

house blinds

3.Flannelette material curtain: pendant feeling strong, and feel very good, touch up very soft, is not easy to fade.

4.Screen curtain: the biggest advantage is beautiful, good moisture absorption, and looks very elegant and light, suitable for creating a romantic atmosphere.

5.Wood fabric curtain: wood fabric curtain is also a good curtain material, the advantage is environmental protection, natural, decorative strong, breathable, can reflect the owner’s taste. Wood woven curtains are generally divided into three categories: bamboo woven, wood woven and rattan woven, each with its own characteristics, can be selected according to their own needs.

2.What is the material of the house blinds that is opaque to light

1. Blended hemp yarn

Blended hemp yarn is mainly made of polyester. Cotton, hemp and other blended, the overall feeling is the texture of cotton and hemp feel will be slightly rough. The surface of the hemp yarn has a relatively obvious gauze texture. There will be some small gaps on the surface of the gauze curtain, giving people a very breathable and cool feeling.

2. Silkworm yarn

Silkworm curtain is in fact, we often say the day velvet yarn, this curtain light opaque effect is better, but also feel soft, the degree of birth is relatively high, is the most widely promoted on the market a gauze curtain. However, the production process may be different, there may be easy to hook the problem, now many manufacturers are also aiming at this problem in the silk curtain even for a certain improvement, we can consult when buying.

3. Stripe crepe yarn

The main component of striped crepe yarn is polyester, so its thickness is much thicker than that of other gauze curtains, and the effect of transparent to light and people is relatively good. The color of this gauze curtain is relatively diverse, not limited to white, so it can be used as transparent yarn or ordinary curtain. However, due to its high polyester content, So it’s easy to get static electricity.

4. Phantom yarn

Phantom yarn is also a transparent gauze curtain, the appearance is very similar to the day velvet yarn, but there will be certain differences in the texture, it does not feel as smooth as the day velvet, the feel of the phantom yarn is inclined to the chiffon kind of texture, the appearance can see a little slight vertical texture, the feeling is better.

house blinds

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