Do you know what the hottest curtains are?

From the beginning, the decoration of the cream wind fire up, also led to a number of previously uncommon curtains become hot. This period, I will put the current fire of 8 kinds of hot curtains selection strategy summary to share with you, if your home decoration is in the stage of choosing curtains, then you must see this article:

The type of hot curtains that people like

Dream curtains

The dream curtain is literally the hottest curtains of the curtain world and the pinnacle of appearance level. And it is also the curtain of the light magician, reversible sheet, between shading, semi-shading flexible switch, at the same time to meet the needs of beauty and light.

hot curtains

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds provide privacy because the vertical extension sequence blocks the view from the top down when the light is transmitted.
Therefore, the vertical shutter blinds are dimly lit. With sharp lines and slightly dreamy appearance, it can be owned for less than half the price. 

Waterfall curtains

Waterfall curtains are also one of the most hottest curtains. For the large flat floor window, the waterfall curtain is simply full of killing, with it to upgrade the decoration grade instantly. Although the waterfall curtain has a good visual effect, it is also more adaptable to the scene.

hot curtains
hot curtains

Organ curtains

Honeycomb curtain, also called organ curtain, belongs to the water fabric curtain, is the most hottest curtains. With a unique honeycomb design, the hollow inner core is filled with air for effective insulation and heat preservation, and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor can reach 8°C.
By the way, Honeycomb curtain surface is antistatic material, not easy to dust and clean, and the full shading model uses aluminum foil, fully ensure privacy.

Avoid personality selection

In pursuit of individuality, some homeowners prefer to opt for stylish patterns. Although these are very suitable for young people’s psychology, they are unlucky in the wind and water, which will have an adverse effect on the family, especially for children and the elderly family should pay great attention to, so the choice of bathroom curtains should have gentle colour.

Quality choice of curtain material

1.Jacquard Blackout shades Roller Blinds Fabric Houston

It can be made to room darkening shades, blackout shades fabric and translucent blinds fabric finishing and also flame retardant and water-proof. Besides, it is available to White backing acrylic coated and color acrylic coated. Also available in a range of colors that coordinate well with other UNITEC ranges and can be used with the roller blinds, vertical blinds & panel blinds.

hot curtains
hot curtains

2.Slub yarn designing blackout roller blinds fabrics Napoles BO

The fabric can be made into blackout and translucent fabric. And it is also available in a range of colors that coordinate well with other UNITEC ranges and can be used with the Home Blinds, Office Blinds, Commercial blinds, roller blinds, vertical blinds and panel blinds.

hot curtains

The BO SLUN fabric is made from a high quality 100% Polyester yarn dyed base fabric with the acrylic coating for Home Blinds, Office Blinds, Commercial blinds, roller blinds, vertical blinds & panel blinds. A stunning blackout/translucent Vision fabric featuring horizontal intermingled yarns in a range of sophisticated tones.

3.Jacquard Blackout blinds Fabric

hot curtains

This  Jacquard Blackout blinds Fabric can be used in all Major public facilities. Then, this roller blind fabric is 100% polyester with acrylic coating. It can be used as home roller blinds, office roller blinds, hotel roller blinds, airport roller blinds.

This is our list of the most hottest curtains and curtain materials for different people. If you have any questions or are interested, please continue to our website for more details.

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