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Blinds – Curtains on windows, one of the most common ways to protect a room from the sun. More and more designers are opting for shutters instead of curtains or tulle. Thanks to their design, they are able to let air into the room and adjust the lighting level easily. Previously, blinds were associated with office spaces and dreary interiors, but today there are many types, all of which complement different decorating styles. Horizontal blinds can be used in various types of establishments. This type of shutter differs in the method of installation – they are attached to the wall or to the window frame.

Most Popular Types of horizontal blinds:

1. Fabric horizontal blinds

2. Wood/bamboo horizontal blinds.

3.  Aluminum horizontal blinds.

4. Plastic horizontal blinds.


horizontal blinds

The basis of the shutters are horizontal slabs , also available in three types: 16mm, 25mm and 50mm. All the slats are arranged in series and intertwined with a special rope through which the structure rises and falls. In addition, a special box is attached to the top of the blind, which protects the roller blind from damage.

Shutter material

  • The shutters are manufactured from various materials: fabric, wood, aluminium, plastic or metal. Each of them has its own advantages:


horizontal blinds

Fabric horizontal blinds.

  • Fabric blinds for windows have been considered one of the most popular for several years in a row, since they are easily combined with translucent tulle and emphasize the chosen interior style. The material of the shutters is coated with a special anti-dust agent which helps them to stay in good condition.

Wood/bamboo horizontal blinds.

  • They deserve special attention because the trend of natural materials is important this year. Not only do they fit perfectly into the interior, they also protect from direct sunlight. Wooden structures do not heat up, do not vacuum and are the most environmentally friendly of the other types.

horizontal blinds

Aluminum horizontal blinds.

  • Perfectly protects the room from prying eyes, the special coating keeps you from getting hot under the influence of the sun. The material is of course durable as it does not deteriorate even after prolonged use.

horizontal blinds

Plastic horizontal blinds.

  • The difference is the large color scale, hygiene and simplicity when leaving. They are easy to repair and remove any contamination. Plastic blinds are often underestimated as unstable, but high-quality plastic will hold its shape and not lose its attractive appearance. An important condition for installation is that there is no heating device, otherwise the sheet may be deformed.

UNITEC horizontal blinds

If you are looking for blinds, choose UNITEC. We are able to supply high quality and reliable sun protection systems for windows and shutters in different materials. The cost of our blinds depends on the material used in manufacture (aluminum has the lowest price). Wooden, bamboo or plastic shutters will cost more because an important factor is the reliability of the materials and equipment.

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