Cloth curtains, roller blinds, venetian blinds, curtains of your home, how to choose?

Curtain, as a design element connecting indoor and outdoor, has the function of blocking light and sight, and promoting light control and privacy in indoor space. It is an indispensable design in family decoration. At present, the habit of most family decoration is to choose cloth curtain as home made window blinds design, and in some unique decoration, some designs such as roller blinds and venetian blinds will be introduced. Therefore, among the common home made window blinds styles, there are cloth curtains, roller blinds and venetian blinds to choose from. In the face of these kinds of curtains, many people don’t know how to choose. Let’s talk about it below!

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home made window blinds

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home made window blinds

The light requirements affect the choice of home made window blinds:

The main function of curtains is shading, but there are essential differences in shading effects among cloth curtains, roller blinds and venetian blinds. Therefore, when choosing curtains, the first thing that has to be considered is light control.

According to the thickness of the curtain, the curtain has slightly different light control effect, while the thick curtain has better shading effect and is more suitable for people who want to dim the indoor environment.

Venetian blinds can’t completely shade the light, but by controlling the angle of the blades, the amount of light entering the room can be controlled, which has a better effect on the light shading control.

home made window blinds

Different spaces determine curtain styles:

In different space environment, the choice of curtains also has different considerations; Hakka restaurants are free to choose; The bedroom needs absolute light shielding when sleeping, which is suitable for using thick curtains; In the wet bathroom, the curtain is not suitable (it is easy to be damp and moldy), so the bathroom is more suitable to use venetian blinds as curtains!

Furniture layout affects curtain selection:

Generally, curtains are installed 5-8cm above the ground, which makes them look better. Therefore, curtains with curtains have a certain influence on the furniture layout. Generally, furniture can’t be arranged near the window, while roller blinds and venetian blinds are relatively light and thin, and the size of curtains is mainly the size of glass covering the window, which will not affect the space utilization outside the window.

Experience of using different curtains:

From the point of view of convenient use, the curtain with cloth curtain will be more convenient and easy to use, and it will only be opened and closed between one pull and one pull, while it will be more troublesome to open and close the venetian blinds and the roller shutter. For the curtain that needs to enter frequently between the living room and the balcony, it is recommended to use ordinary cloth curtain as the curtain, so that it will not be affected when entering and leaving the balcony.

home made window blinds

Regarding the choice of curtain style, the factors that need to be considered are style matching, light control, space function, furniture layout, etc., and how to choose it depends on your own needs and preferences! What kind of curtains are you going to choose?

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