Which is better, roller shutters or shutters? Comparing the advantages and disadvantages, it turns out that there are so many things!

After the completion of the hard decoration in the home decoration, the soft decoration design is the headache for us. The choice of curtains in the soft decoration design can be said to be very diverse in the market, but the shutters and roller shutters are the most controversial. Let me popularize them for everyone. The advantages and disadvantages of holland blinds and blinds are analyzed, hoping to effectively help everyone make a choice.

1. Advantages and disadvantages of holland blinds

Roller shutters are very common in the market, but many people will compare them with shutters when choosing. In fact, good roller shutters have the advantages of blocking sunlight, sound insulation, safety, and privacy protection, and roller shutters have automatic and manual functions. Operation, but because the overall color is relatively single, many owners will not choose such a design at present.

holland blinds

Roller shutters are divided into two types. First of all, let’s talk about the design of manual roller blinds. Manual roller shutters are very convenient to operate and use, and different materials are used to create transparent and shading effects. Curtains are more suitable for use in office buildings and schools.

Electric roller shutters can be said to be very convenient and labor-saving. We can lift the windows easily. This design is very convenient and suitable for home and office use.

2.Advantages and disadvantages of holland blinds

The use of blinds at home is relatively higher than that of roller shutters. Some blinds are very suitable for use in damp places in the home. If the hygiene of the home is more difficult, fabric curtains are easy to get wet, and it is better to separate wet and dry If the dry and wet separation is not achieved, the curtains will always be wet, and it will become moldy after a long time. The blinds have a waterproof effect, and we can just wipe the water stains if they are splashed.

holland blinds

In fact, blinds can be used to match the small apartment area, because ordinary curtains are heavy and long and take up a lot of space in the home, so you can choose the design of blinds at home, which is neat and clean, and the effect will exceed expectations.

holland blinds

Families who have used blinds know that blinds can effectively adjust the light, and can make the overall space of the home tidy, transparent and bright. Reasonable use of blinds in the study is also one of the good choices, which can not only block the sun but also To protect our eyesight, it is also very convenient for us to take care of it in the later stage, just wipe it, unlike traditional curtains, it is very troublesome to disassemble and wash.

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