What fabric to use for heat-resistant blinds?

Internal thermal shutters with special fabric to protect your home. Through this article, we help you choose the thermal curtains you need.

What are the principles of indoor sun protection?

Solar radiation reaching the glass surface is reflected, transmitted, and absorbed in varying proportions depending on the properties of the glass. To choose the right sun protection, it is important to know the SPF of each color of heat-resistant blinds

heat-resistant blinds

Choose Light Fabrics or Dark Fabrics

Lightweight fabric resists heat: Located indoors, lighter colors are more effective at resisting heat because it absorbs less heat and reflects the sun’s rays outward…but not so bright that it dazzles you!

Dark fabrics against light: The same quality of heated-resistant blinds fabrics, light colors allow more natural light to enter. However, beware of glare! Relatively speaking, choosing cream, beige or gray is more conducive to sun protection and visual comfort. 

heat-resistant blinds

Best Heat Resistant Blinds Fabric Choices

  • Thermal roller heated-resistant blinds from UNITEC

The inner thermal roller blind is very effective thanks to its reflective fabric. The fabric has an aluminum coated exterior that doesn’t absorb heat and reflects up to 85% of the sun’s rays! Installation is easy thanks to its back profile.

Variety of Heated- resistant Blinds Fabrics: Screened for privacy or slightly sheer, these interior blinds are perfect for protecting you from the heat in an overheated home or conservatory. With its color-matched support hood and counterweight bars, your interior becomes attractive and comfortable. 

heat-resistant blinds

Heat Resistant California Shutters

  • California shutters (also known as vertical shutters) are back in fashion in modern architecture. It’s perfect for adjusting the light on a large bay window or protecting yourself from prying eyes. The bottom weight belt can be rotated 180° and folded with a drawstring on one side or at the end. There is also a California blind variant with an 89mm strip.

Pleated Honeycomb Heated- resistant Blinds

With its insulating honeycomb structure, this interior blind also insulates and protects against cold walls in winter. Honeycomb pleated heated-resistant blinds have several advantages: 

1. Various technical fabrics and trims

2. Very small footprint when reassembled

3. Minimalist style

4. Easy to install and fits many windows

  • But it has a disadvantage: Not as flexible as blinds or California shutters: it’s either open or closed.

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