Modern magic with both privacy and light 3 reasons why you should choose sheer curtains

The light will directly affect whether the house can have a comfortable living space. If you like to freely adjust the light, you must not miss the hard blinds! According to customer needs or home style matching, you can freely match gauze curtains or upright soft gauze curtains to achieve the best effect! Next, let the editor tell you how to choose the most suitable light-transmitting curtain for your home!

3 advantages and 2 features of soft gauze curtain

Small in size, it saves space when stowed away, and the curtains are also thinner.
It can make the light soft and let the natural light enter the room without glare.
The ventilation is good, because it is a ventilated mesh material, so that the room is not stuffy and humid.

hard blinds

But there are some places that need special attention when you want to install it, because it has the following two characteristics:

It is not easy to clean, the gauze mesh is easy to get dust, and it cannot be removed and washed.
Special materials are more easily damaged, and the damage is more difficult to repair locally.
Sheer curtains are further divided into horizontal soft sheer curtains and upright soft sheer curtains. The use of venetian blinds can achieve more light angles and brightness. It is generally made of polyester fiber, nylon, hemp and other materials, and has very good air permeability.

Each size window has a good partner! Should I choose the regular style or the upright style?

As for where these two kinds of curtains are suitable for installation? Due to the double-layer design that can transmit light freely, it is more suitable for use on small and medium-sized windows. If you want to use it in large floor-to-ceiling windows, you can only install it in partitions, because if the curtains are installed on large floor-to-ceiling windows, it will be difficult to open and close, and the advantages of the curtains cannot be reflected.

In contrast, bedrooms, kitchens, small offices and other spaces are more suitable for installation. But if you have large floor-to-ceiling windows, can’t you have soft natural light? The answer is no, because there is another option that is more suitable for large-area windows, which is called upright soft sheer curtains.

hard blinds

Upright soft gauze curtains are similar to the combination of venetian blinds and gauze curtains. It can be imagined as a straight venetian blind, which can be opened and closed left and right, and the blades can be opened and closed to adjust the size and angle of light.

Therefore, based on the above, choose soft gauze curtains for small and medium windows, and upright gauze curtains for large windows. Choosing the right curtains for the window type will be more suitable and convenient to use. Of course, both can enjoy warm and harmonious natural lighting!

Roman blinds mostly use stiffer fabrics to show a folded appearance and add a sense of layering to the curtains. However, among all the curtains, Roman blinds are also the most difficult to clean. Usually, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust. It is better to disassemble and clean it once a year. To disassemble, first tear off the Velcro felt fixed on the curtain track at the top, and untie the string tied to the plastic ring. 

hard blinds

At this time, it is best to mark the knotted place with a red pen, and tie it after washing. It is more convenient to go back. Then, after removing the bottom steel bar and the thin iron bar, you can take off the Roman shade and send it for dry cleaning. Then follow the disassembly steps to reverse and install.

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