We guarantee your privacy with our translucent blinds!

translucent blinds
Translucent blinds, Translucent Window Shadings

When choosing a blind or another for your home, we must take into account what type of fabric is best for a certain environment. If what you want is for your blind to let the light through but give you maximum privacy, go for the translucent blinds!

At UNITEC, we want to offer you two models of these translucent blinds that you will love! On the one hand, you will find the roll-up model, one of the cheapest options on the market. Composed of 100% polyester and PVC free, it is a blind that is manufactured to the measure that the client wishes, with widths of approximately 30 cm minimum and 300 cm maximum.

On the other hand, you will find the translucent glass roll-up model, supplied with a white aluminum drawer along with its component side guides. It is a model whose drive is based on an endless chain system, ideal for folding doors and windows that do not contain a shutter on the outside.

Why choose translucent blinds for your home?

The fabrics that make up this blind allow light to pass through but do not provide visibility to the outside since it does not have transparency. Thanks to this property, it is a device that will guarantee 100% privacy, since you cannot see the inside from the outside.

Keep in mind that depending on how much light you want to enter the interior of your house, you will have to choose one color or another. Light shades, for example, will let in a lot more light than a black, blue or dark green color, shades that will act almost like opaque fabrics.

They are very resistant and durable translucent blinds, that is why most consumers opt for this type of blinds, so that with little maintenance they have a blind with an impeccable appearance for years. On the other hand, the fabric of this translucent blinds offers ease of cleaning. Only with a damp cloth can we keep the fabric in perfect condition.

After more than 17 years of experience in the textile sector, we want you as a client to obtain maximum comfort and well-being in all our designs. We know the importance of windows as essential elements in our homes, and therefore, how relevant it is for society to properly dress these openings so that both the passage or obstacle of sunlight and thermal insulation becomes effective.

About to reform the interior design of your house? Are you thinking of installing blinds to dress your windows? At UNITEC, we recommend translucent blinds! If you require more information about our products or services, do not hesitate! Contact us by going to the form that you will find on our website and in seconds you will have our answer!



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