What kind of curtains to install on the kitchen window

Grey roman shades blackout that can be installed in the kitchen are: 1. PVC venetian blinds. The venetian blinds of this material have certain breathable and flame-resistant effects, and are also easier to clean; 2. Roller blinds, you can choose glass fiber fabrics or polyester fabrics. , not only easy to use, but also anti-oil and anti-high temperature; third, the half curtain, you can design the part of the window it covers according to your own needs, for example, it can cover the upper half of the window or the lower part of the window.

1. PVC venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are also one of the more types of curtains currently used in the kitchen. This kind of grey roman shades blackout can protect a certain degree of privacy, and can also adjust the incoming light during subsequent use, so as to ensure the lighting and light comfort of the entire kitchen space. It is generally recommended that if you want to use venetian blinds, try to choose PVC material. This material is not easy to age and fade, and it is easy to take care of. If there is oil stain on it, wipe it with a rag to clean it.

grey roman shades blackout

2. Roller Shutter

This kind of curtain can be opened and closed by turning up and down, and it is also more practical. If the sun is strong during the day, it can be rolled up in half to help block part of the light. Most of the roller blinds used in the kitchen are made of polyester and fiberglass fabrics. This material can resist oil and high temperature and is easy to clean. It is not recommended to choose ordinary fabric curtains, which are not easy to clean.

3. Half curtain

Half a year is a curtain that only covers part of the window. You can choose the part it covers according to your needs. For example, you can install it at the bottom to cover the lower part of the window, or you can install it on the upper part of the window. Alternatively, it can be installed in the half-waist area of the window. The half-curtain window can meet a certain light transmission effect, and can also ensure a certain degree of privacy.

What are the materials of the curtains?

1. Polyester fabric

This kind of fabric is the so-called polyester material. The curtains made of this material have high durability, good drape, are not easy to wrinkle, and will not stick to wool, but the shading performance of this fabric is slightly weaker. .

2. Linen fabric

This kind of fabric has a certain degree of light transmission and is suitable for installation in spaces such as the kitchen and living room. The curtains of this kind of fabric can bring a more comfortable and warm feeling to the overall space. The curtains of linen fabric are also suitable for color. There are many, you can choose according to the color tone of the space.

3. Cotton fabric

This kind of fabric is skin-friendly, soft and comfortable to the touch, and relatively moisture-absorbing and breathable, so it can be installed in the bedroom. However, this kind of fabric is easy to wrinkle, and it is prone to deformation in the future.

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