How to disassemble and maintain zebra curtains?

I don’t know if you know grey blinds, that is, a new type of curtains with three functions of keeping warm, simple operation and dimming. However, many families do not know how to remove and wash zebra curtains. Want to know what to pay attention to when cleaning zebra blinds?

1. How to remove the zebra blind

1. Slightly open the handle of the flexible screen window by 10cm, and then slowly unfold the screen drum to the home. (Some window screen accessories have hooks. Pull them out first.)


2. After slowly taking out the net drum, the aluminum alloy at the handle can be removed. When taking it, be careful not to get the grille stuck in the corner, which will cause the grille to break and be damaged.

grey blinds

2.The maintenance method of zebra curtain

1. It is easier to blow with a feather duster and a hair dryer at low temperature;

2. If it is polluted by stains that are difficult to remove, use a sponge or soft cloth dipped in warm water and neutral detergent to wipe gently;

3. If deep cleaning is required, rinse with cold water in the shower and wipe with a soft cloth;

Do not wash after exposure to the sun, just air dry.

3. Grey blinds disassembly method

1. Slightly pull out 10 cm of the handle of the soft screen window, and then slowly pull out the screen roll toward the home.

grey blinds

2. Some flexible window accessories with a hook, as long as the hook out first, it is the same truth.

3. After the window screen roll is taken out, the aluminum alloy at the handle is moved out.

grey blinds

4. When taking the yarn net must be careful not to card to the corners, resulting in breakage and damage to the yarn net.

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