How to match gray curtains

After visiting many new homes, we found that gray curtains are almost a versatile style. No matter what color the walls and floors are, when you don’t know what curtains to match, you can choose low-key gray curtains that are not afraid of mistakes. At the same time, gray curtains can Bring a sense of stability and achieve the effect of restraining the overall style.

1.How to create a textured interior with gray curtains?

1. Simple wind curtain design

The basic appearance of minimalist style is white walls, with black TV walls, and often choose cool or earth-colored sofas. If it is in the living room, floor-to-ceiling windows are usually used. At this time, it is very suitable to use gray snake-shaped curtains, plus a layer The gauze curtain immediately has an atmosphere of simple texture. 

Not only can it provide heat insulation and shading in summer, but also allow light to flow freely into the room in winter. The calmness of gray curtains is also very suitable for settling mood in winter and satisfying friends who advocate minimalist style.

gray curtains

2. Industrial wind curtain design

Gray is an indispensable color for industrial wind curtain design. In the past, there were more black and white interior designs. However, in recent years, gray elements are often used, such as: gray water pipes and iron-colored cups, plus individual art products to increase the richness of the picture. The industrial style mainly uses black, white and gray colors, and rarely uses other colors. 

Therefore, white or black are too eye-catching when matching curtains, while gray curtains can be naturally blended into black and white to increase the smoothness of the picture. The lines of the industrial style are relatively straight. If you want to have a consistent overall style and do not plan to use curtains, you can use aluminum shutters or aluminum venetian blinds.

gray curtains

3.Scandinavian curtain design

The Nordic style pays attention to light and whiteness, and it also often uses large white walls, while the overall home color is warmer, usually paired with wooden furniture or wood grain floors. Nordic style curtains are mainly designed with cloth curtains. 

In order to let the light penetrate into the room, light-colored curtains are very popular. For those who don’t want the whole piece to be white, gray curtains are a good alternative. Not only Keeping the interior clean and simple can also take into account privacy and improve the sense of color hierarchy.

gray curtains

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Gray curtains are a fashionable and versatile item for interior decoration. If you are still hesitating which curtains to use, why not buy attractive and practical gray curtains first!

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