How to do the curtains in the room is appropriate

The full blackout blind of the room can be considered from the following aspects: 

1. Color

When making curtains in a room, the first thing to consider is the color and style of the curtains. You can choose the appropriate full blackout blind pattern and color to match according to the overall decoration style and color of the room, so that the overall decoration effect can be more beautiful and coordinated. For example, the overall decoration color of the room is relatively small and fresh, so when the curtains are made, fresh and elegant colors should be selected for matching.

full blackout blind

2. Shading effect

When making the curtains of the room, the shading effect of the curtains should also be considered. If the shading requirements for the curtains are relatively high, then the selected curtain material should be made of a thicker material to make the curtains, such as flannelette material to make the curtains , this will have a better shading effect; if the shading requirements are not high, and a little light transmission effect is required, you can choose to use cotton material or gauze material to make curtains, so that when the curtains are drawn during the day, the indoors Not too dark.

3. Style

When making curtains for the room, you should also consider choosing a suitable style to match. For example, you can make more traditional curtains for decoration, which can make the room look warmer and more comfortable. If the room area is relatively small, you can also make the curtains into a roller blind style, which is more convenient to use and does not take up too much space. 

4. Size

When customizing the curtains in the room, you can also choose the appropriate curtain size according to the size of the window in the room. When customizing the size of the curtains, the effect of the overall decoration should be considered. Choose the size of the curtains that can completely cover the windows. Generally, you can choose floor-to-ceiling curtains or curtains that are about 20 cm lower than the window sill for installation. The width can be selected to reach both sides of the wall. The width, this kind of decoration can be more atmospheric.

5. Material

There are many common materials for curtains, such as cotton material, gauze material, and flannelette material. When making curtains, you can choose the appropriate material for curtains according to the use function of the room or the lighting effect. If the curtains are used as curtains in the bedroom, you can choose cotton or velvet curtains, which have better shading and privacy.

full blackout blind

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