Know Four Ways To Fold Curtains

Now the four most popular styles of  fold curtains are the Korean pleats, the tape hanging rods, the perforated ones and the four-catch hooks. Do you all know this? Today, the editor will introduce to you the wearing methods of these four hooks, and let’s see which one is most suitable for your home.

1.Korean pleats

The Korean pleating method is a new pleating method. Compared with the ordinary pleating method, its pleats are fixed and processed. This method is easy to wear and easy to remove and wash. But it is also more troublesome to make. Korean pleats need to calculate the difference between the length of the fabric and the length of the rod, and fix the pleats according to the number of hooks.

fold curtains

2.Cloth belt hanging rod play

Cloth straps can be divided into invisible cloth straps and exposed cloth straps, and the cloth straps are directly tied into bows. The cloth straps save the cost of hooks, hoops and other accessories, but from the perspective of long-term use, it is not recommended.

3. Perforated play

The hole-punching method of the Roman rod track, which has no hooks, is to make the punched circle on the cloth, and directly insert the cloth into the round Roman track. It is suitable for no ring on the rod, which is relatively more sound-absorbing and beautiful. The folds are large, and the finished curtain is more atmospheric, but it is very inconvenient to remove and wash

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4.Four claw hook type

The four-claw hook is the veteran of the curtain industry. This style is the most popular in the country and durable. Sew the cloth tape on the upper end of the curtain, and then use the four-claw hook to wear it. The disadvantage is that it is relatively troublesome to thread the hook. The effect of the pleats needs to be worn by yourself, which is relatively cumbersome and the pleats are relatively messy.

fold curtains

5. About fold multiple

Knowing all kinds of curtain folds, you can study the problem of multiples. The pleat factor of curtain fabrics on the market is between 1.5 and 3.5 times. The larger the multiple, the denser the pleats of the curtain and the more fabric is needed. For the purpose of saving money and looking good, it is generally recommended that the wrinkle factor be 2 times. 

fold curtains

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