[Measurement Instructions] Tell you the secret of rolling shutter measurement

When choosing faux roman shade products, you will find that most stores will ask you to provide the actual width and height dimensions you need. Some customers may give up the idea of buying because they find it complicated and difficult to measure the size, thus missing adding the price to the window Opportunity for affordable and fancy new clothes.

Note the following

A cloth tape measure cannot replace an iron tape measure, as it will cause measurement errors!
Please first decide whether you want your roller blind to be installed inside or outside the frame, the two are measured differently.
When recording the measurement results, it is recommended to record in the order of width x height to avoid confusion of width and height later.

faux roman shade

The minimum size unit of the curtain is 0.5 cm, please round up according to the situation.
Each window is not a perfect square, whether it is measuring width or height, it is recommended to measure more than one place to avoid the risk of size mismatch.

When you are ready, let’s introduce the method of measuring inside the frame: measuring inside the frame means that the roller blind is installed inside the window frame.

Width: Measure the inner width of the window frame, please measure the upper, middle and lower positions, choose the narrowest number and deduct 1 cm as the pre-reserved space.
Height: Measure the height inside the window frame, please measure the left, middle and right positions, and choose the largest number.
Depth: Measure from the outer edge of the window frame to the deepest point of the window. If there is an obstacle, such as a window handle, please measure from the outer edge to the obstacle position.

faux roman shade

The Cleaning Method Is Also Very Simple, That Is, First Use A Vacuum Cleaner With Brush Accessories To Remove As Much Dust And Dust As Possible On The Honeycomb Curtain With The Minimum Suction Force, And Then Use A Sponge Dipped In A Diluted Neutral Detergent To Start Cleaning The Honeycomb Curtain. Stains, Please Take Out The Towel And Dry Immediately After Removal.

Explain how to measure outside the box

The measurement outside the frame, by analogy with the above, means that the faux roman shade is installed outside the window frame, which can be used to cover unsightly windows, and can also meet better shading and privacy needs.
Width: measure the full width of the window frame, plus the width you want to extend the coverage, it is generally recommended to extend 10 cm on the left and right sides.
Height: Measure the full height of the window frame, plus the height you want to extend to cover.

faux roman shade

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