Which curtain fabric do customers choose most often?

New Years is a time for change, and for changing your interiors. A product that many customers frequently order from us is window pleat fabric. However, each fabric has its best sellers, selected by customers. We offer you the best offers for textile fabrics.


Universal fabric

Our standard fabrics stand out for their great prices, with white and gray shades being the most popular. Such shades are suitable for most rooms, let’s look at the ones with crazy interiors. If insulation and blackout are not your top priority, this fabric is the best solution. Our standard fabrics allow for high light transmission, meaning you can protect yourself from the sun without completely darkening the room.



Insulation fabric

In addition to being anti-glare, the insulating fabric prevents the room from heating up in the summer thanks to the pearl coating and ensures that warm air stays in your room in the winter. In addition, the pearl coating ensures that the transmittance of the pleated shutters is reduced by several percent, depending on the shade you choose. Pastel colors of beige or gray are usually chosen as they give a very cozy quality to the room.


Honeycomb cloth

  • Honeycomb fabric allows you to choose any shade that is visible in your room, but the back of the fabric is white. This solution gives a very aesthetic appearance to the house. The double-layer fabric increases absorbency, which is definitely a plus. Customers most often choose Honezcomb fabrics in colors like pink, purple or green. Thanks to these colors, the interior will be very cozy and full of positive energy.


Blackout fabric

Blackout fabrics for custom pleated blinds are fabrics that provide both 100% blackout and thermal insulation. They have two layers of material. Between the two layers of material is a layer of pearlescent paint. Thanks to this fabric, light does not penetrate the room. This is an ideal solution for those who enjoy nightlife or those who like to work in dark environments. What’s more, the room is perfect for sleeping thanks to the blackout fabric. Very often, it is recommended to use white and gray fabrics, which create a sense of harmony.


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