How to choose the fabric style of blackout curtains? Let's get to know the following key points of purchase

Curtains are highly decorative and functional. Among the functions of fabric roman shades, the shading effect is the most concerned. There are many kinds of shading curtains on the market to choose from, but according to different materials, they also have different characteristics. Now small Let me show you the key points of choosing blackout curtains!

1.There are two types of curtain fabrics, and the blackout fabric with adhesive backing has the best efficiency

Generally, the materials of cloth curtains are divided into two types: full blackout cloth coated with adhesive on the back of the cloth, and sandwich cloth with black matte yarn sandwiched between two layers of cloth. Basically, the shading effect of the full blackout cloth can reach 100%, which is suitable for situations that require complete darkness, such as watching movies or sleeping well if there is only a little light. 

 As for the sandwich fabric curtains, it cannot be 100% shading, and the shading degree is about 50% to 97%, and the effect depends on the density of the matting yarn.

fabric roman shades

2.There are many styles of blackout curtains, and the shading degrees are different

In addition to traditional cloth curtains, curtains including roller blinds, zebra blinds, organ curtains and other types can also meet the needs of home shading. The shading degree of general blackout roller blinds and organ blinds can reach almost 100%. Compared with these two types, roller blinds have the advantages of not occupying space and are easy to clean; 

Organ Blinds Have The Advantages Of Heat Insulation And Energy Saving, And Can Also Flexibly Adjust The Position Of The Curtain Surface. The Zebra Blinds Will Cause Light Leakage Because There Are Still Gaps Between The Cloth Pieces, And The Shading Degree Is Worse Than The Above Two Types.

3. In pursuit of good shading, attention should be paid to coverage

When choosing curtains with good shading effect, if the size of the window material is only covered along the cement window opening, it is difficult for the surrounding window frame to be completely covered. Even when the curtain coverage has exceeded the window frame, it is recommended that the size should be larger to reduce the chance of light leaking through the gap. 

Usually, the upper, lower, left, and right sides of fabric roman shades, roller blinds, and organ curtains can be increased by more than 5-10cm; while the left and right sides of cloth curtains can be increased by more than 10cm, and the bottom can be increased by more than 20cm, depending on the actual installation situation and site conditions. Make adjustments.

fabric roman shades

4.Improve light leakage, which can enhance the shading effect

In addition to the size of the curtains that can be adequately covered, there are several methods to prevent light from penetrating into the room through the gaps, such as adding side rails to the blackout roller blinds, which can block the gaps around the windows; 

if you have purchased I installed a sandwich blackout curtain, but after installing it, I found that the effect is not satisfactory. You can also try to sew an additional layer of blackout fabric behind the original blackout fabric to increase the degree of shading.

fabric roman shades

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