Translucent Roller Shade Fabric Campania TR URB6101-6107

The translucent fabric roller shade Campania TR URB6101-6107 presents us with the new perfect solution to cover your windows innovatively. It has a flat and simple design, which allows it to be integrated into any style of decoration. It has improved characteristics that allow greater dimensions with widths of up to 3m and high-quality fabric for large windows. Translucent Roller Shade Fabric Campania TR URB6101-6107 has a medium degree of weave structure, for light control and privacy control. The material is 100% polyester. The Campania TR URB6101-6107 collection presents light to dark colors, to combine with the decoration of any room. Moreover, The translucent Roller Shade Fabric Campania TR collection offers a greater degree of transparency to obtain greater illumination of the spaces. The variety of colors of fabric roller shade URB6101-6107 and the texture position them as a true element in interior decoration. Colors There are 5 colors for choosing from, But we can make any color you need.  2. Texture We use the premium quality … Continue reading Translucent Roller Shade Fabric Campania TR URB6101-6107