After reading a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of different materials curtains

Fabric on roller shade, as the highlight of home decoration, play a pivotal role in improving the taste of the whole home.There is a famous saying in the decoration: the curtain selection is not good, want to knock down the wall.

The material type of curtain:

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Curtain material types are linen, cotton, polyester, cotton, velvet and so on. Cotton, linen and linen: It looks natural and warm. Many colors, good drapiness, high breathability. Suitable for Nordic style, new Chinese style, Japanese style, etc.

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fabric on roller shade

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Composition: 100% Polyester with Acrylic coated(100% Free of PVC, Formaldehyde and Halogen to help reduce toxins in your environment)

Width: 1.8m, 2.0m, 2.5m, 2.8m, 3.0m
Weight: 330g/m² ± 5%
Thickness: 0.38 mm ± 5%

Fabric Name – Code: URB4302

Composition: 100% Polyester Jacquard weave with Acrylic Foam Coating

Specification: 100% Blackout (Complies to AS 2663.3.1999), UV Protection: Tested to AS/NZS 4399:1996, Blackout Performance: UVA 99.95% | UVB 99.95

Width: 2.0m,2.5m,2.8m,3.0m
Weight: 317±5%gsm (BO)
Thickness: 0.58 mm (BO)
Light Fastness: 5-6 (Blue Scale) Tested to ISO 105-B02:2014
fabric on roller shade

The material type of curtain:

Polyester: cost-effective, strong drape, wrinkle resistant, fast to sun and wash, and easy to take care of. Style is not limited, more versatile. 

Silk, velvet: texture, feel are very good. Shade and heat insulation, full of drape. The improvement of the quality of the whole space is not a little bit, or the fabric is a little heavy. Suitable for European, American, light luxury and other styles.

Pure cotton: fine texture, moisture absorption, good air permeability, easy to wrinkle, not easy to take care of. The current popular chenille material is made of filament or short fiber twisted with different thickness and strength, and the fabric is relatively thick and the shading rate is very high.

fabric on roller shade

Advantages and disadvantages of rolling curtains:

High quality rolling curtains can be sunshade, sound insulation, safety, convenience equal to one. It is generally divided into manual and automatic two, if necessary, can also be used with manual lock, as long as you lock inside, the curtain will be difficult to open from the outside; Different from the curtain, if the connection between the curtain and the window is handled well, it can play a good sound insulation effect.

Although it can not be 100% sound insulation, it can solve many problems; From the point of view of shading, the rolling curtain is not as good as the heavy cloth curtain. However, if a PVC roller curtain is used, its anti-ultraviolet effect is also very good.

Under normal circumstances, the roller curtain is more suitable for use in the bedroom, especially the child’s room. Because the pattern of the fabric on roller shade is more active, it is not easy to be pulled by the child.

Types of fabric on roller shade:

Manual curtain Manual fabric on roller shade structure is simple, easy to operate, with different properties of fabrics, can achieve the effect of transparent, transparent and full shading.


Widely used in business office buildings, hotel rooms and factories, workshops and other buildings indoor facade shading. Manual rolling is a common tool in our lives!

An electric rolling curtain motor can drag several rolling curtains at the same time, saving investment. The control of the electric roller curtain can be controlled by wired control or wireless remote control, and can also be incorporated into the intelligent automatic control system of the building.


The action of the electric rolling curtain can be selected to operate alone, or to select group action or partition action.

How to install fabric on roller shade:

1. Measure the size of the window frame, determine the location of the installation code and fix it.


2, the installation of curtain accessories, such as the head, pull rope, etc., the head has two kinds of internal and external installation. When selecting the interior installation, place the rolling curtain in the window frame, determine the appropriate position, mark the position of the head screw on the top of the window frame, fix the left and right head on the top of the window frame with screws, and open the rotating module. The same for the exterior… Find the mounting position, just screw the mounting position on the window frame or wall, fixing the custom head.


3. Install the track of the fabric on roller shade, load the right end and the left end of the upper rail into the head with a drawstring and the head without a drawstring, and then buckle the rotatable module, and install it after confirming stability.

fabric on roller shade

The above is to introduce you to the relevant knowledge of the curtain curtain, after understanding the advantages and disadvantages of the curtain curtain, I believe you will have a choice about whether to buy this curtain. When choosing rolling curtains, I want to remind consumers that in order to make home life safer and more comfortable, the material of rolling curtains must choose fabric on roller shade with environmental protection characteristics. Of course, in the face of the rapid development and progress of technology, the future curtain may have other styles, anyway, it has been widely used and promoted in the market in our country.

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