What’s the special offer of blinds fabrics?

UNITEC is a leading manufacturer of fabrics for roller blinds, vertical blinds, panel blinds, and zebra blinds. We have an in-house development department to design the new fabrics for window blinds. In order to strengthen our customer’s market share, we always provide Special Offer Blinds Fabrics for new designs, new colors or new ideas fabrics to our customers.



How long does the quality warranty?

These products are premium quality fabrics, Please note that the Special Offer Blinds Fabrics does not mean that the quality is lower, We offer 5 years of quality warranty for these fabrics.



What’s the delivery time?

And we have ready stock o these fabrics, and the delivery time is only 1-2 days. We can also follow your request.



What’s the standard packing?

The standard packing is 30 lineal meters per roll, The allowance is 10%.



Can you send the samples of blinds fabrics? And are the samples free of charge?

Yes, we can send the samples to you for review firstly, And it’s free of charge.



Can you send the updated news about the special offer blinds fabrics?

Yes, we always update the information about these blinds fabrics. And we can send an email and technical data to you if there are new changes.



How to get the prices for special offer blinds fabrics? Are the prices will not be changed?

You can contact our sales staff to get the prices, The email is [email protected]. The price will be changed if needed. But the price valid time is 30 days from you get the price.

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